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The Note : The Republic Airdrop

Crypto, meet compliance

Simple.       Regulated.       Proven. 

For the first time in history, the majority of the US population can invest in tech startups. Republic is the first platform to offer a full-stack fundraising solution in the crypto space. Wherever your investors are, whatever the raise, their services are here to help.

Meet the Note; The Republic Crypto — a new digital asset earned for growing the startup ecosystem. Note holders get access to exclusive perks that improve the Republic experience on and off-platform, and eventually, be eligible for a share of the revenue.

Below is everything you need to know to claim your cut the Note pool they are giving away.

Invest in tomorrow, get rewarded today

Republic’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build the future — and now, the Note will reward you for supporting their growth. Besides investing, you’ll earn Notes for referring your friends, promoting their startups, and so much more — thanks for nurturing the global startup ecosystem.

Why is a Note valuable?

  • Easy to earn and store: You’ll earn your first “crypto asset” in just a few seconds, without the need for an off-platform crypto wallet. Once you sign up, you’ll earn Notes for every action you take on Republic; from investing in companies, to referring fresh deals, to telling your friends about a portfolio company you love.

  • Share in the portfolio: They aim to connect the Note to Republic’s economic rights in all the startups that are in existence and will raise on the platform, and by extension, their future income. This feature remains a work in progress and is not guaranteed, but existing Note holders will be the first to know — and benefit.

  • Scarce tokens supply: Though the final token supply is yet to be announced, the total supply of Notes is fixed, while demand potential is uncapped. Once issued, the only way to earn further Notes will be from another Note holder, even while the benefits it represents grow over time.

  • The Note is sweat equity: You’ll get Note rewards for helping startups (including Republic) grow, without the need to make a financial commitment. Best of all, you’ll earn Note rewards immediately – not over the many years a traditional startup takes to reach a liquidity event.

  • Access to perks and benefits: From VIP events to priority access into the hottest startup deals, earning more Notes will entitle you to unique benefits that will develop over time.

The more ecosystem value you create, the more Notes you’ll earn; and the more you have, the greater your access to ongoing rewards — simple as that.

Republic just launched a new digital token — the Note — and is celebrating by giving away bonus Notes to people who sign up.

  1. Follow this link to register
  2. Click on signup
  3. Enter your details and confirm your email address
  4. Login and see your Note rewards. You can earn 2X if you join early
  5. invite others to earn more Notes

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