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LightCoinex Airdrop (Min 1000 LCG from a pool of 50,000,000 to eligible users)

Light Coin Group

Light Coin Group, formerly known as the Light Touch Research Institute, was founded in 2017 in Europe. They are a team of experts from 15 countries around the world working together and researching in the fields of science and technology, financial markets and breakthrough economic applications.

After researching with certain achievements, they have founded Light Coin Group to bring our technological breakthroughs and scientific achievements to commercial activities through specific projects.

With the mission: “Applying scientific achievements and technological breakthroughs to life to make the world a better place”, they have applied their breakthrough achievements to commercial activities to create outstanding benefits.

They have the vision to become a global leading company in researching and commercial activities based on breakthrough technologies. They have now completed the first phase of development (research and financial resources preparation). In the next 5-10 years, they will focus all their efforts on these projects to achieve their vision and mission goals.

Light Coinex

Lightcoinex is an abbreviation of Light Coin Exchange – a project to develop cryptocurrency exchanges under the Light Coin Group. Their goal is to become one of the top 10 most potential exchanges in 2020 and to become one of the best exchanges in the world in the next 5 years in terms of trading volume and number of customers.

Their strength is the strong financial ability of the parent company, a team of experienced experts and breakthrough research on technology and the market. They are also confident about the project’s goals and vision. Not only creating the perfect trading environment for the customers but also aim to deep cooperation and long-term benefits.

Light Coin Bank is a customer service deployed on the Light Coinex exchange. This is a service that allows individual customers to buy and store valuable digital currencies, to generate profits over time. The level of profitability depends on the type of coin and the stored amount.

With strong financial resources, a team of experienced experts and a breakthrough trading system. They are confident to bring customers significantly higher profitability than other exchanges that are implementing the corresponding service.

Follow these steps to participate and receive 1000 LCG immediately after completion of KYC

  1. Register an account here
  2. Confirm your email and login
  3. Complete your KYC to receive the 1000 LCG available on your dashboard immediately. Read this guide on how to pass your KYC successfully
  4. Refer to others and earn 500 LCG
  5. You can read full details about the airdrop here


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