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Emirex Exchange- the gateway to the Middle Eastern Wealth: $200,000 (EMRX) #WinWithEmirex ongoing

It all started more than a decade back when the first cryptocurrency named Bitcoin was launched by an unknown group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto. The price of Bitcoin rose above 1000% in the same month of launch which took everybody by surprise but the extreme attraction occurred after 8 years later when the Bitcoin price crossed over $17,000 per Bitcoin

The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency, in particular, has come to change a lot of things more than its decade long history. Despite the crypto industry quite young, we are witnessing the rapid growth of a qualitatively new community, with its values, beliefs and socio-economic particularities which play a major role in crypto space as this is among the measure to gauge the stronghold of any project. The high volatility associated with the crypto market has shifted some classical market players backward. Despite this, institutional investors are becoming more and more receptive to digital assets as we see positive dynamics in investments being made. There is a lot of speculation on what the future holds for traditional finance and crypto: how much they are the same, what separates them, will they eventually collide?

Looking at the traditional stock exchanges which comprise two centuries where trading gold as well at the first analogs of price analysis date back to time immemorial. This maturity into trade diversity and high volumes and, therefore, gives birth to another distinction — market reach but the crypto exchange landscape is young and green, taking halting steps without governmental backing. Although, there has been some effort toward regulation at the moment, but it is just a drop in an ocean as only a few percentages of crypto platforms operate under jurisdiction like Emirex Exchange from Emirex Group of Companies, founded in July 2014, headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and consists of several licensed and regulated legal entities that meet the challenging demands of the current regulatory landscape in the blockchain space. 

What makes Emirex Exchange more credible than others?

  1. Reputation and Security:  Emirex exchange provides a security measure that can withstand any breach attempts from the hackers, takes extensive measures like the 2FA verification, password strength, anti-phishing code feature, captcha measures and more. Besides, the Exchange delivers advanced security measures compliant with the international standards of IT security in the banking industry, per ISO 27001
  2. Location: This is very important to know the office location and the legality of its operation in the jurisdiction. For Emirex, they are located at 47, Peterburi tee, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Estonia and operating under the license of crypto to fiat exchange, authorized by the Central Bank of Estonia.
  3. Fiat and Crypto Deposits and Withdrawals: The platform supports the trading of all major digital assets class while incrementally listing additional assets that have passed their audit. The Emirex fiat gateway supports deposits and withdrawals to the users’ bank accounts, as well as the purchase through credit/debit cards and other payment methods
  4. Transaction rates: In comparison with other exchanges, the transaction rates are huge. Despite providing higher security for all transactions, Emirex offers low fees for both makers and takers across the Emirex ecosystem which details can be found here.
  5. Simple to use user-interface: Emirex ecosystem provides a simple and precise user interface that makes all the difference. From registration up to interacting with the platform are seamlessly simple than anyone can imagine and it was built with the novice in mind. It also provides a professional platform for expert traders, complete with the functionality expected from established trading platforms in the traditional foreign exchange and commodities markets.
  6. Mobile Ready: To make it possible to trade while on the go and for the convenience of the users to make transactions via their smartphones or tablets. Emirex has launched an iOS and Android mobile versions to trade and transfer digital assets.


The Emirex team has started the journey during the early stages of blockchain adoption and development and they are here for long building the most advanced technology stack to support the infrastructural market needs while at the same time securing regulatory approvals required to operate the platform and expand the services. The company is strategically located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the centre of a 4,000-year-old network of trade routes connecting economies around the world. Emirex is at the vision of becoming the number one gateway to acquire and spend digital assets by ensuring they are known to be a reliable and secure way to convert any store of value into digital assets and to safely store such digital assets using their infrastructure.

  • Emirex Exchange: This is where digital assets trading is taking place with a fast but simple secure environment in compliance with the law of the jurisdiction. It has margin trading where users have access to third-party capital, allowing them to leverage their positions and amplify trading results. The exchange has two-way fiat gateway supporting multiple currencies and credit cards which allows transborder remittances of digital assets in addition to staking rewards for proof of stake coins. 
  • Emirex Wallet: This is a vital component for any exchange as it interacts with the blockchain ledger directly to keep track of the assets belonging to a user and allow them to create and issue new transactions. Emirex put much effort into designing to ensure it has the highest level of security and allows users to store digital assets on Android or Apple devices
  • Emirex Tokenisation Platform: The Tokenisation Platform is built based on the experience of Emirex delivering blockchain-powered corporate bond and tokenized commodities platform, and has advised on multiple equity tokenization projects. The platform offers among others: (1) Token issuance platform, (2) Multiple protocols support, (3) Support for both public and permissioned blockchains, (4) Third-party service provider integration, to ensure expedient legal and tax advice. 
  • Emirex Custody Services:  This service is to provides a solution to one of the hurdles of storing digital assets locally to encourage institutional investors. Emirex has promised to use 100% cold storage to ascertain that the crypto assets that belong to an individual and corporate entities remain secure at all times and meet verification requirements levels of leading European banks. At the same time, all clients will be able to receive regular and auditable consolidated reporting, including market and performance valuations for their asset portfolio. Reporting will be issued at monthly, quarterly and annual intervals. 
  • Emirex Underwriting Fund: This will be set as a regulated investment vehicle to raise funds from their strategic partners and also invest fund from the Emirex ecosystem to support a long time of Emirex growth by choosing and investing on some classical digital assets that have to do with insurance, trading and management. 
  • Emirex Advisory services:  This solves all the clients’ problems by giving advisory to enterprises, governments, regulatory authorities, family offices and HNWI on investments into tokenised assets, assets owners and issuers on capital formation and liquidity etc
  • Emirex Wealth Management Services: With the vast experience that circled the Emirex team, they are well-positioned to see the best deal flow in the markets and select the performing assets class for clients. To make this in alignment with the regulated authority, they are in the process of obtaining financial intermediary licenses in Tier 1 jurisdictions to meet the requirements of family offices and HNWI that are either operating in the Middle East or aiming to secure their wealth by operating in the Middle East.

A roadmap for the future

At the same time, they developed a robust roadmap concentrating on further developing their infrastructure to support the ambitious mission, which is to become the Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy interconnecting the Middle East with Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Emirex Token (EMRX) powers The Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy proudly brought to you by the Emirex Group. As the native token of the Emirex Ecosystem, EMRX has multiple use cases: listing fees for placement of tokenised assets, transactional fees from buy/sell transactions, custody and servicing fees, commission and partner incentive schemes, and others as the offering develops
EMRX is already listed and doing well, check here:

EMRX Supply Allocation

Use of funds

The Emirex team has decided to use all the assets raised during EMRX token offering solely for the development of the Emirex ecosystem as described below?

30% for IT and product development of top-level IT products and infrastructure

30% for sales and marketing promotion of the Emirex products and services worldwide, while focusing on becoming a regional leader in the Middle East

20% for ecosystem development by starting out new proprietary and investing in other strategic initiatives that can strengthen the Emirex ecosystem

10% for other operations such as legal, compliance and other operating costs

10% for stable reserves that will be stored in a mix of safe assets, both fiat and digital, to cope with any emergency situations that may occur

Token Burn

Emirex shall burn up to 50% of all of the EMRX every quarter received for the sale of its products and services until the circulating supply reaches the 250,000,000 EMRX, 50% of the originally issued 500,000,000.

Join and participate in the first Digital Commodities Exchange in the Middle East

Emirex IEO has started! To allow for wider circulation of EMRX Tokens and to grow the community, Emirex team has decided to hold an Initial Exchange Offering round on at a fixed price of $0.4 per token. Details here

Win with Emirex Programme – 95 Prizes of $1,500 in Bitcoin + in EMRX

Join the $200,000 pool by registering through a referral link. There is also an additional $750 added bonus fro those who participated in the IEO, purchase any digital assets worth $50 or more and can refer to others. The steps are as outlined below

  1. Register an account here You need a referral code to participate. Kindly use the code ID9348F4B602
  2. Verify your email and login. Refer others to gain more ticket entries and increase your chances in the draw that is conducted using a smart contract.
  3. You need to activate your tickets and follow up with your referrals to do the same by following this procedure
  4. There is added Bonus worth $750 that is set aside from this campaign which is performed live at the stipulated date which is communicated ahead through the Emirex social channels to watch the live stream where winners are selected.

For more information on Lockups and Vesting, Community Reward Programme and referrals, check any of the following links.



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