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Harmony and Bcnex Airdrop Event (166666 ONE Bounty)

Bcnex was built and established by young, ambitious tech specialists that have seen the extraordinary value blockchain brought to the world. This resulted in the creation of a promising cryptocurrency trading platform. The challenging journey has earned the team behind Bcnex the reputation of trustworthy experts in the field of blockchain technology.

The robust system can handle up to 2,000,000 orders/s, has the lowest fee (0,0375%), ample security, and excellent customer service — quickly advancing the platform to the status of one of the best in the crypto trading sector.

Today, the listing of Harmony (ONE) is another demonstration of how stable and secure the Bcnex platform is for both partners and users. Harmony (ONE) is now available for deposits with trading pairs including ONE/BTC, ONE/USDT.

What is Harmony?

Harmony is an open infrastructure for 10B people in the future. Harmony builds a high-performance consensus platform that will enable decentralized economies for everyone.

How is Harmony different from other public blockchains?

Harmony is not just thinking about solving for throughput performance (transactions per second), but Harmony also cares about the number of nodes that participate in the decentralized blockchain network. Harmony is taking a full stack approach of applying 10x innovations in networking, systems, and algorithms.

What approach does Harmony take for solving the scalability issue?

On protocol layer, Harmony adopts a sharding-based consensus protocol which scales as the number of nodes increases in the network. Each shard contains hundreds of nodes and employs a fast BFT algorithm to reach consensus within seconds. On network layer, Harmony relies on the QUIC protocol to deliver messages faster when possible. On system level, Harmony studies UniKernel to further scale the performance of the OS on a single node.

What can be built on top of Harmony?

Harmony’s infrastructure can enable various types of decentralized applications and marketplaces, that need high throughput and decentralization. From Games, to Decentralized exchanges, to powering AI Data Marketplaces, Harmoney is excited for all such use cases.

When can everyone start using Harmony?

Harmony is very excited for the developer community to build useful applications on top of Harmony. Soon Harmony will launch a testnet, followed by a mainnet in 2019.

How to join the 166666 ONE Bounty?

Step 1: Register Bcnex account and Follow 2 Twitter pages:

Step 2: Retweet the 2 tweets below:

Step 3: Sign up an account at Harmony Community here and fill the form below to supply your details

Step 4: Fill in this form

(*Note: you must have a Bcnex account to be eligible to join the Bounty)


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