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Futurepia (SNAC Airdrop) : Up to 8500 SNAC and 1000 per referral

What is Futurepia?

Futurepia is an open-source public blockchain platform developed to help businesses, enterprises, and startups to move to blockchain.

Futurepia is a blockchain for high traffic DApps (with 300,000 TPS) developed to solve scalability, security, and interoperability issues of existing mainnets.

It is built on a 3G+ consensus algorithm called DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) that solves the scalability, security, and usability issues of existing solutions. Futurepia not only provides mainnet core engine APIs but also other useful modules like live streaming, smart wallet, communication network, and P2P Cloud API and has won the ‘Most Innovative Blockchain Award’ at the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland, 2018.

By offering various developers and users’ friendly solutions, thanks to its PASTA protocol, Futurepia aims to bring blockchain to everyday life.

Futurepia is already listed on coinmarket cap

Get up to 8500 SNAC and 1000 SNAC per referral by following these procedures

  1. Register on Snac website (Mandatory: 1500 SNAC)
  2. Select your country and enter your mobile number to receive verification code
  3. Enter the code received from your mobile and click on next
  4. On the following page, provides your details and use this code: T9LN85 to receive an extra1000 SNAC.
  5. Following more han 3 friends on the next page for additional 500 SNAC (Optional)
  6. Interact with this telegram bot to participate in the airdrop. Ensure you click on submit your details button to enter details of your activities. A few is listed below, others can be found on the telegram bot (Up to 2500 SNAC)
  7. Join their Telegram (Mandatory: 1500 SNAC)
  8. Follow their Twitter (Mandatory: 1500 SNAC)
  9. Follow Facebook (Optional: 1250 SNAC)
  10. Submit your details to the airdrop bot, using the same e-mail that you have used when registering an account.
  11. Share your referral link and get 1000 SNAC per referral


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