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Digiu Airdrop – 1100 DIGIU ~ $33+

Digiu: Ecosystem for developing and financing projects in the artificial intelligence space

Digiu goal is to create a system of data integration capable of replicating the processes of consciousness and interacting with real-world objects as well as other individuals, both human and digital. They are building a digital copy of the human persona, as well as the infrastructure for integrating it into the social lives of regular people, by implementing artificial intelligence-based systems.

Digiu offer the following solutions

  • Building an artificial intelligence of and for the people, where the ultimate source of data is also the main beneficiary of data: people, rather than large corporations whose increasing dominance is leading to a boom in social and economic inequality
  • Creating new jobs in training and managing artificial intelligence systems (product managers, developers, data collection, etc.).
  • Teaching financial literacy and providing passive income and capital gains to DigiU investors by developing and bringing to market IT and AI services.
  • Building secure systems for storing personal data, including a full digital copy of users’ lives for use in creating of smart assistants, digital personae, and digital immortality.
  • Creating an open ecosystem of engagement and utilization for DigiU users and investors, along with other projects and ecosystem that share the values and mission of DigiU

Follow these steps to get 1100 DIGIU ~ $33+ 100 DIGIU per referrer.

  1. Register for an account here and use our referral code 1504301073
  2. Fill the form appropriately and submit
  3. Verify your email and login
  4. Access your profile page for your referral link to invite others. You will get 100 GIGIU per referral.

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