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Satorify- automated SaaS Airdrop – 10 Million CLM Giveaway

Helping you reach your goals in the world’s new economy

Satorify is the revolutionary platform that connects the world’s employers with the world’s microtask workforce, bringing the gig economy to eager Satorify members in emerging nations.

Satorify allows remote, net-connected individuals to increase their own – and their community’s – standard of living by providing access to a range of jobs posted by distributed employers, and configuring these jobs into a primary or secondary income source.

In addition to providing affinity-based, specific, measurable gigs to remote workers, Satorify also provides its distributed workforce with tools and training. So, in addition to their own gig, workers can create and manage their own online teams, turning them into entrepreneurs overseeing and deriving additional income and pride from the activities of their virtual teams.

CoinClaim: Satorify’s payment system is powered by CoinClaim and the CLM token, creating a transparent, fraud-proof employer/worker payment mechanism that doesn’t saddle Satorify members with onerous fees common across traditional online payment systems.

Loudhailer: Satorify members are supplied with gigs via Loudhailer, a one-stop, self-serve campaign creation and management tool for social media brands, individuals, and other content creators. Loudhailer provides a direct path to Satorify members who have expressed an interest in the campaign creator’s content, across affinities such as music, technology, business, and so on.

By linking gig employers with global members who have a predisposition for engaging with and sharing affinity content, campaign creators can supercharge signups, views, shares, likes, and more, literally overnight.

Guide to participate in10 Million CLM Giveaway. CLM is tradable and  available to withdraw immediately

  • Click here to register
  • Click on the Start Earning Now! button or click on become a member at the topmost right
  • Enter your username, email and password to register
  • Confirm your email address and login
  • Under the featured campaign, click claim button on each
  • When the windows open, click on more details to perform the task
  • Always verify your task. When you completed all tasks from each campaign, always click on the claim button to get your reward
  • Always click on dashboard menu to perform another task
  • Log in everyday for 5CLM reward
  • For every qualified referral, you will earn 100 CLM. You can refer as many people as you want until the full 10 Million CLM is awarded.
  • The 100 CLM referral promotion will run until all 10 Million CLM are awarded.
  • Join our telegram channel  . Find out more about the project details by visiting this website


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