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5,000,000 Ebakus Bounty : Decentralized Apps for Mass adoption

We enable Decentralized Applications to reach Mass adoption

Ebakus redefines dApp usability; its unique onboarding flow along with the fee-less ebakus blockchain put technology to the backseat and enable users to enjoy the dApp as the developers intended.

The ebakus wallet is embedded within the dApp and is ready to interact with the ebakus blockchain the moment the dApp loads. Moreover users don’t have to deal with transaction fees anymore. In ebakus, transaction fees are paid with CPU resources through proof of work which means no token balance is needed to interact with the blockchain.

If you are a dApp developer, Ebakus testnet is live!. Assist in delivering quality product! any of these links (EXPLORER, NODE, BOILERPLATE) to access the testnet, try your dApps on it and let them know what you think!

Follow the procedure below to participate in the 5,000,000 EBK bounty

  1. Visit Ebakus website
  2. Click on Register for bounty and provide your details
  3. Click on Submit your tasks button to begin completing each social media tasks. You click on action type and provide a
  4. Very important: Ensure you click on the rule menu for details instruction on how to complete each ask
  5. You will get all your token transferred to the ETH address that you submitted

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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

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