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XCARD: spend any cryptocurrency, anywhere, with any payment card

XCARD wallet

Finding the “flawless” digital wallet to store and utilize your crypto resources is not a simple undertaking. Clients battle with a few issues, particularly with regards to the comprehensiveness of the wallet, the security of the exchange, and the expense of exchange charges. 

There are numerous wallets accessible that are intended to enable clients to oversee and spend their crypto-resources. None of them are impeccable, and their products frequently face negative remarks from users. Huge numbers of these issues start from the all-inclusiveness of the wallet. 

What is the motivation behind setting up a wallet that doesn’t do all that you need? 

The major problems that XCARD will solve

Most of the existing wallets were developed with minimal features per time due to capital and competent know-how where the most crucial part for best performance might have ignored

Another great concern is “security ” most online-wallet provider is probably going to reveal to you that their wallet is secure and faultless. Actually, clients face issues that originate from breakdowns on the product level. Let’s be realistic — which client will be satisfied to discover an ERROR show up on their cell phone screen in the wake of moving their assets? Particularly as online wallets are exceptionally defenseless against intruders

Anonymity is another primary concern with regards to the well being of online wallets. Numerous wallets are storing user’s information, they battle to keep that client’s identity totally unknown.

Expensive transaction charges — with regards to spending and getting cash, crypto users frequently stress over the exchange time and the high exchange charges. Users are not very excited about collecting enormous, extra expenses while making any transfer. 

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet is Best for You?

Improvement of new innovations and thoughts all through the entire crypto-world carries us to the inquiry: Is there an ideal crypto wallet? A wallet that tends to resolve the majority of the above issues, in addition to offers extra answers for the users? 

XCARD become the perfect crypto wallet

mobilum wallet

A product made by Mobilum which is a platform that was designed to process payment of cryptocurrency assets in real-time at the points of sale regardless of the card issuer be it debit or credit card. Can you just look at a scenario that you take your card and insert it to any terminal payment to complete a transaction, that is the vision and Mobilum have just designed a simple way to achieve this. XCARD project is full of competent hands with most of their executive has experience span over 20 years in the financial sector, Blockchain technologies and Fintech, one can simply conclude that they are delivering a product that will set the pace for others. What is amazing is that you can connect any cryptocurrency of choice with any payment card notwithstanding of the issuing entity and perform any transaction you so desire via the Mobilum Token (MBM) which is a truly liquid token that empowers a real-time exchange from any cryptocurrency to any fiat currency of your choice.

The Mobilum Wallet gives an answer for the previously mentioned issues that are risky for crypto-users. The Mobilum Wallet gives an approach that will empower the crypto lovers and users to store their digital assets, yet in addition to this, it also enables to store crypto tokens dependent on ERC20 standard. Mobilum Wallet is ethically secure because this platform doesn’t store or utilize any client information, and is totally decentralized. 

As at this moment, XCARD is the only issuer of Biometric Credit Cards in the cryptocurrency space globally.  With the VISA (Apple Pay and Google Pay wallet enabled), XCARD introduces a Multi-Currency Biometric Crypto Credit Card which is available as virtual, physical and biometric forms.

Mobilum crosses over any barrier among crypto and fiat monetary standards and empowers clients to pay anyplace, with any type of currency in real-time by making a connection between your crypto-resources and the IBAN record of your card. 

Mobilum guarantees ease of use of the card based on your personal preference. The whole usefulness is accessible through a uniquely crafted Smart Contract fueled by MBM token and Mobilum Wallet. The Mobilum Wallet application empowers users to execute a crypto-fiat exchange vis-a-vis the platform and also crypto-crypto exchange among clients of Mobilum Wallet. This means that a user can send another user the cryptocurrency of their choosing, and the receiver can accept that transfer in the currency that suits them best, the feature that is yet to exist in all existing digital wallets. 

Does Mobilum Wallet offer more?

Mobilum Wallet has a lot of features that make the application stand apart separated from other digital wallet applications that are right now available everywhere. This includes features that will make contributing simple, helpful and beneficial for users hoping to hold considerable wealth in their wallets

  1. Clients will have the option to invest in different digital currencies utilizing Mobilum Wallet in real-time, furnishing clients with the best execution rates. This element makes extra space for trading and increasing user income that he or she will be able to spend in real-time, using any currency and any payment card connected to Mobilum Wallet.
  2. Mobilum Wallet makes a sheltered and helpful space for entrepreneurs to make their items and administrations accessible at an instant to buy. Business users of the platform will be able to include and enlist their items in the application. Mobilum Wallet incorporates an alternative making an ID as QR code for user’s goods and services.
  3. Mobilum Wallet gives one of a kind chance to get advances from the platform in the form of a loan. Mobilum will give its customers this open door utilizing their cryptos as security for the transaction.



Mobilum wants to help people from all around the world to regain control over their funds. By connecting fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time, they solve grave problems that exist in our society. XCARD’s mission is to connect fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies in real-time. XCARD is enabling instant payments in any cryptocurrency, decreasing the total cost of each transaction and guaranteeing the highest level of convenience and security for customers. This is so far a project that is setting the pace in the digital wallet and will definately reshape the future on finances. Mobilum’s team is developing the XCARD project to deliver the most secure crypto & fiat wallet and payment card to cryptocurrency users worldwide. For complete information and to follow the product as they progresses in executing the timeline on the roadmap, use any of the following links:









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