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Virtual Reality Platform Token (VTUUR) Bounty

Virtual Reality Platform Token

VTUUR is revolutionizing and combining the VR and AR world with its on demand mobile streaming app and platform. Saved VR Streams are stored on IPFS, rendering the system decentralised. Take control and explore the world boundlessly!


VTUUR prides itself on being a pioneer of the VR revolution. Our dedicated team at VTUUR has created a mobile platform that will redefine VR traveling and exploring. We want to give the opportunity to anyone to see the beauty of the world as realistically and convenietly as possible. By connecting tourists, guides and advertisers all together on one application, the opportunities are endless and the world starts to fit into the palm of one’s hand.

We have already aligned partnerships with premium content creators and we will sponsor VR hardware to universities and schools to build a solid user base and enhance the educational experience around the world. VTUUR’s goal is to become the ultimate LIVE VR video streaming platform connecting schools, universities, realtors and other VR headset owners with Guides around the globe. We also strive to be the first to use AI technology for the selection and integration of non-intrusive advertising content.


Our on-demand VR streaming platform allows VTUUR guides to livestream paid content to VR headset users (VTUUR tourists) all around the world by simply streaming from a 360 degree camera connected to their smartphone.

Our VTUUR tourists can book and pay for a personal VTUUR guide to take a predetermined route anywhere in the world so they can explore a faraway city live as realistically as possible!

News channels will be able to book VTUUR guides to livestream 360 degree breaking news content straight from the scene.

Existing tour operators will be able to stream their ongoing tours through the VTUUR platform live to millions of people worldwide thereby exponentially increasing their profits.

Our AR software displays advertising content non-intrusively through the VTUUR tourist content streams. VTUUR guides will be incentivized to display this advertising content using VTUUR tokens. VTUUR tokens will be used for all in-app transactions and due to its limited supply, the growing user base and the thereby increasing demand for the token will regulate its future success.

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