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The benefits of VRAB over YouTube platforms

We are very familiar with all major online players video platform like Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr etc they are incredible but they do have their challenges, content creator does have some though time getting much money as they could from the platform and they also pegged with kind of Ads fraud and fake views which makes it extremely difficult to get real value out of the content. Verasity is taken a different approach by providing public records for the views, when you view a content, this will be known and the content can be monetized that way. They also approach in a different way by taking out the buyer’s advertiser Ads from your search by moving the advertiser search to the left so that the advertiser can pay the viewer directly. This is just a decentralized YouTube where content creator get paid directly. Verasity is working with an expert from online video delivery with over two decades of experience with the primary aim of delivering an outstanding project.

The content creator can come in and raise money for their channel by holding the viewer’s pack which enable them to sell their content directly without an intermediary. There is a total of 12 billion tokens in which only 6 billion are for private and public sale and the remaining will be utilized for incentifying different categories of users across all the Verasity eco-system.

Verasity at glance

The Verasity platform is incentive-based where both the creator, viewer, advertiser and sponsor get paid equal right after performing their action. Large numbers of people spent most of their time online for their favorite video clips and huge monetary value has been derived from this in addition to selling personal data while very little is being shared with the creator while viewers get nothing for the attention forced on them to watch and Youtube is a primary actor to this menace. Verasity has come to correct this and it’s a disruptive video sharing platform design for the next generation. 

By embracing Verasity infrastructure that sited on top of blockchain technology, viewers get paid while viewing content and have the option to select if they want to watch any Ads or otherwise. If they choose to watch, they get rewarded by the advertiser immediately for their attention which is lacking from Youtube Ads. The platform also allows the creator to choose how to share the video by asking for a donation, turning on pay per view, or by offering a subscription.

Verasity Video Streaming could disrupt Youtube

Verasity ecosystem was designated to assist the viewers to locate the content that matters most to them. Anybody can create a channel as it is available on other popular platforms. Verasity uses an established scalable and high quality streaming technology to ensure that users be it a creator, publisher, advertiser or viewer have the best experience that is second to none

Multiple Ways to monetize using Verasity platform that YouTube is lacking

  1. Verasity allows microtransaction with the VRA token and eliminates the waiting over a month before you can be paid as compared to what is obtainable using YouTube. Microtransaction allows instant payment for all parties involves. 
  2. Funding and developing your channel: Another advantage offered by Versasity is that they have developed a concept called Prove of View (PoV), this provides adequate and secured an auditable audience metrics which ascertain that there is absent of fraud and fake views that a content received based on the power of blockchain technology which cannot be manipulated. 
  3. The ecosystem is a win-win for everybody: Either you are a sponsor, creator, viewer or an advertiser, you are rewarded based on the action performed from ordinary viewing up to choosing of watching any Ads. YouTube will pop-up adverts from time to time and there are some that you must watch based on a preset time-frame before you can watch your desired video without your consent and more annoyingly, you get no reward from the earning for the time you spent watching. Verasity has given back that power too the viewer by paying for every of your attention
  4. Video Hosting and Distribution: To achieve this, they are utilizing the Content Distribution Network (CDN) which is similar to the Cloudflare, which is going to be set around the globe to distribute the content based on the geographical location of the viewer. All the current video streaming services right now are offline, centralized servers or using a CDN like this and none is utilizing the blockchain infrastructure that guaranteed decentralization and openness. 
  5. Verasity’s concern with the stability of the economy: They are going to have a control inflation rate at about 3% and will burn any coin that put the inflation above that metric to protect the vale of the Verasity token so that it doesn’t have volatility. This is for the long-time growth of the project and to avoid pump and dump as it is usually called in the cryptocurrency space.

Verasity migrated to Binance Chain

There is nothing that can be more appealing than to see your favourite project on a decentralized exchange that have  over $3 million in daily volume. Also the mix of liquidity with security as a concern is what investors both as an individual and institutional are looking for which is why most of the ERC-2 are migrating to the BEP-2 chain.

In Addition, where other decentralized exchanges find it most difficult to maintain parity of getting new token to be listed outside the one that are provided by the Ethereum, Binance Chain has gain a lot of growth in terms of functionality and are currently have it on their pipeline to have stablecoin trading pairs into the BEP-2

In conclusion, Binance Chain was built using the PBFT validator consensus, which make it have a much faster block confirmation in comparison with Ethereum, thus making smart settlement confirmation much more faster. VRAB is available for trading on Binance DEX

How to Earn VRA tokens for free.

You cannot avoid to give your time for free watching video Ads without benefits and as well sell yourself without compensation as a product to the advertiser which is what purely described YouTube Platforms. Below are the necessary steps that described how to earn VRA tokens for free.

  1. You need to visit Vera Wallet Website for an up to date list of partners which offers VRA reward for watching video. Once you are on any of the confirmed website which offers VRA as rewards, you need to locate the video section or where the video player is embed.
  2. You can always ascertain that the VRA tokens are offered for any website visited by searching for a reward icon in the video player as shown below towards upper right hand corner:

  3. You have to select the play button to start watching the video. One the video is watch in full the trophy icon will change to green which is an indication that all conditions has been met and you will get a notification that you have earn reward. 
  4. You have to click on the reward icon (the trophy icon) to access the player reward wallet where you will be directed to login if you already have Verasity wallet account or create a new one.

  5. You thereafter signin in to claim the Verasity reward program . You do this often as you want to earn more token, any other token earn afterward will be added to your wallet account automatically.

  6. Note: Sometimes you might receive a notification that your county or region is restricted from participating in some reward campaign, this is not from Verasity but set up by the publisher as the power is shifted to viewers and publishers in Verasity ecosystem.
  7. In case you did not sign-in to your account before watching any video that offers VRA token, a pop-screen will splash after the end of the video for you to sign-in. You click on the reward account to see the campaign details, after this just tap on redeem now button as shown below to get the reward associated with the campaign in question.

  8. You can easily withdraw your token to any ERC-20 wallet by clicking on the main wallet menu and select withdraw, provides all other necessary details such as the number of tokens and your wallet address.

Verasity Roadmap

Verasity’s team is busy implementing and actualizing the vision and meeting all the roadmap ahead of the deadline as can be seen clearly here. This will indeed be very huge in the near future as more feature will be added often to make the platform more robust and more user friendly. Verasity Roadmap


It is worth saying that this is the video platform designed for next generation and the global adoption will be huge. All investors, both individual and institutional should put a close watch on this project using any of the following channels


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