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Stegos: providing access to secure private transaction and communication (Join the $150,000 STG Bounty)

There is a lot of out crying on how data in the custody of the third party is being abused and exploited for profit without any benefit to the owner of the information. On a daily basis, companies and Governments do abuses our data either as a result of an error or intentional. Therefore we must learn from these abuses and position ourselves in order to build tomorrow’s policies and technologies.

Stegos STG token

Stegos has come to the continual calls for more secure and private alternatives. With Stegos, data transmission and communication are completely decentralized, cryptographically secure, and leaves no telltale clues to user identity. It’s impossible to see who sends or receives information or establish how anyone is connecting to Stegos

From the Blockchain perspective, Stegos is the first blockchain platform that is truly mobile compatible. You can earn STG token by becoming a validator using your smartphone as there is no hardware-intensive Proof-of-work. This is a platform that will experience a high rate of adoption since the focus is on smartphones which make it accessible to many that want to have access to secure and private transactions and communications

Let’s highlights some of the features of Stegos

  1. Absolute Privacy: When you make new transactions in Stegos App, there is no link since every transaction is directed to a new and unique stealth address making it impossible to identify the recipients, transactions and communication are also untraceable and completely confidential with the help of Snowball Protocol. 
  2. Payment and Messaging: There are many other blockchains projects such as Zcash, Grin, Monero etc that are solving the privacy issues but only on payment. Stegos added a lot of improvements upon all these and other privacy coins and in addition, can be used to make payment and data with complete confidentiality.
  3. Scalable and Data Compaction: Stegos is not only scalable but fast and in comparison with other blockchains, it is kept small without compromising trust. This is achieved by removing the details of spent coins and the data consumed from the blockchain using secure cryptographic pruning.
  4. Proof-of-Stakes (PoS): You don’t need to seek for a loan in maintaining the megawatts of electricity while mining blocks. Stegos uses a bespoke gamified Proof-of-stake (gPoS) consensus where each new block in Stegos must be verified and confirmed by a group of validators, all of whom must post tokens as bonds. The value of STG tokens stakes is proportional to having a chance as a validator to win a block and earn the associated transaction fees.
  5. Mobile First: In order to get adoption quickly and make it easier for average people, Stegos has developed its own Multi-Purpose Native App that will have wallet, group chat, the TAC, Privacy App Store and the Stegos red packets
  6. Private by Default: Stegos protects and empowers users by keeping their private information safe from prying eyes. Most blockchains followed the footsteps of Blockchain which was totally transparent by design that includes visible addresses and amounts, including the balance of any wallet, how much money has been sent and received, and the addresses of every sender and recipient. This is enough information for hackers and big brothers. With Stegos, blockchain should be private by default. To this end, transactions in Stegos are unlinkable, untraceable, and confidential.

Stegos Mainnet

Stego is running a bounty of $150, 000 worth of STG token. They are in two parts,

First Phase: Total Pool $75,000

  1. Register for the bounty here and get a minimum of $250 worth of STG token if all tasks are completed
  2. Enter your details and ensure you confirm your email
  3. Follow all procedures as outlined in the bounty to earn points. The more point you are able to earn will determine your share from the pool

Second Phase: Claim STG token every day with a multiplier effect: Total pool $75,000

  1. Participate in the telegram bot and get 250 STG for submitting your wallet address. Other numerous tasks are available in the bot for epic rewards.
  2. Head here to download and install the latest version of the Stegos desktop app.
  3. Send this to the telegram bot to register your wallet address /register your public key
  4. Send /free to the bounty bot once a day to claim your free tokens!
  5. If you are in doubt, type /help to see all the available commands
  6. You can become a validator for a higher reward. Details instructions are available here
  7. Refer to others for 100 points per referral.


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