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Snapparazzi Airdrop round 2 ($284 if all tasks are completed) + $3.6 per referral


Your time is money. You watch & earn! You share your footage with us. We share the profits with you! Everyone, everywhere can earn SnapCoin.

With Snapparazzi, media viewers worldwide can finally access exclusive photos and videos that they might otherwise never see. In addition, media companies can source exclusive footage in real-time and in a very costeffective way – avoiding the costs and obstacles associated with film crews and reporters. The ubiquity of smartphones, and their increasing number, guarantees an enormous market for content that gives the public more information, improves the quality and thoroughness of news reports and challenges the barriers of censorship.

Snapparazzi’s media content market is powered by the SnapparazziCoin. This Ethereumbased token is used for every transaction and payment within the Snapparazzi platform. The immutable ledger technology of Ethereum, in addition to immediate transferability, ensures that all payments are instantaneous, secure and recorded permanently. This enables Snapparazzi users to be paid wherever they are in the world and media providers to buy content from anyone in the world. Video and photo prices are agreed on by parties on a case-by-case basis through an open action system, depending on quality, marketability, subject etc. Snapparazzi earns money by charging commissions on the transaction value of the generated content.

Snapparazzi is everywhere, because smartphones are everywhere!

Some of the solutions Snapparazzi will provide include

  • Instant content monetisation: Users will get paid instantly for taking photos and videos of events they witness in their daily routine and sharing it.
  • Higher quality content: There’ll be no limit to what events can occur and where these events will occur. Smartphone users, with Snapparazzi can become potential news reporters, providing real time footage of events nearby which is not being covered by any media outlet.
  • Cheaper content: Finding and reporting good stories get harder everyday — from being at the right place at the right time to covering the cost of publishing stories. With Snapparazzi, a user can virtually have hundreds of millions of potential reporters working for him/her. This greatly minimises the chance of not being the first to report a good story. A Snapparazzi user can do this by directly buying the content that interests him/her through the Snapparazzi app from the original creator.

Snapparazzi have an app that offers geo location features and the use of “SnapCoin” for buying and selling content, rewarding moderators for moderating activities and rewarding popular creators.


Top Members

Ruben Valle
CEO & Co founder

Pradeep Chandra

Damien Larquey
CTO & Co founder

Anton Adamansk
Blockchain Developer

Vyacheslav Tyutyunkov
Blockchain Developer

Bella Legard
Business Development

Lisa Taylor
Creative Director

Xavier Regnier
Community Manager


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