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RAWG Airdrop and Bounty

RAWG is an online service with a database of games from all popular platforms and a recommendation system.

It’s like IMDb for games. It combines a personal library, a recommendation system, a social service to connect with friends and influencers about gaming and a calendar for events and games releases.

RAWG is being developed to:

› answer the question “what to play next” based on the user profile;
› allow gamers to obtain real-life benefits from gaming skills, utilizing a blockchain platform;
› provide advertisers with access to the target audience enabling targeting that takes into account the actual interests of users.

The goal is to build a cross-platform ecosystem where gamers will spend time tracking their collection of games; sharing their impressions and achievements with friends; allow brands to help users find the best entertainment; award users for their gaming skills.

The starting price of RAWG’s premium advertising format is $3 per 1,000 views (CPM) 16. The market price for a similar format on other platforms depends on the audience — the number of people who use the site (MAU) at least once a month. For example, Eurogamer is $19 to $55 per CPM.

Growing game database

Over 50,000 games have been added to the database over the first 3 months of operation, including games from all popular platforms: Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store, App Store, Google Play, GOG and Nintendo Game Store. RAWG plans to expand the database to over 200,000 within a year which will make it the largest cross-platform game database in the world. RAWG intends to continue growing the size and quality of the database with the help of its token holders and community.

The service automatically adds information about new games and how RAWG users play them: achievements, abandoned/passed games, time spent, etc. Besides this, users can add information about games to the database manually — for example, for old games or games that are not in the catalog

We believe that it is time you had to be rewarded — with RAWG tokens.

It is a special blockchain-based unit, which you don’t have to mine. You just play your favorite games, sync your achievements from PSN, Steam, or Xbox, and get tokens on RAWG. You can trade these tokens for goods, services, or cryptocurrencies.

To make it happen, join our core community and be the first to get RAWG tokens!


  1. Visit here  to register
  2. Enter your email and verify
  3. Complete some social tasks as provided with rewards specified.
  4. Ensure you fill the form at he bottom that guaranteed your participation or click here 
  5. Join telegram group here, and the telegram channel here
  6. Read the Bounty Announcement on this bitcointalk thread

Find more details on the project website here


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