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OLPORTAL Airdrop ($10 of OLCF + 2 USD of OLCF per referral )

OLPORTAL seeks to create a global marketplace for AI neurobots, a la Alexa Skills Marketplace. The marketplace will be hosted on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. The rationale behind choosing Hedera Hashgraph was that a lot of computational power and storage of huge datasets for processing will be needed for the evolution of the neurobots. The Hashgraph platform will allow them to organize the operation of the entire OLPORTAL ecosystem more effectively, and they can also achieve the highest data processing speed on this platform.

The OLPORTAL AI Neurobots Marketplace seeks to attract developers to create unique AI bots based on OLPORTAL’s robust technological framework and sell them to users. Not only will these AI bots help ordinary communication in chats — adding the much needed freshness and fun quotient to mundane dialogues — they will also address complex corporate problems and offer solutions for the implementation of business plans and other processes. The opportunities and potential are limitless, and hampered only by one’s imagination.

The OLPORTAL AI Neurobots Marketplace will support both, commercial and non-commercial neurobots. Commercial bots (or advertising bots) will market goods — food, furniture, clothing, accessories — and services — taxis, insurance, banking, tourism — while non-commercial bots will be “fun bots” that will add spice to communication.

Follow these simple steps and earn $10 of OLCF tokens.

  • Chat with this telegram bot to participate
  • Ensure you completed all the mandatory tasks
  • Get 2 USD of OLCF for every friend referred

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