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Khipu Airdrop: Enterprise-Level Blockchain Platform

Khipu—Leading Innovation for Enterprise Blockchain

About Khipu

Khipu aims to explore and implement a whole set of design patterns and infrastructure to refactor enterprise applications onto the blockchain, as well as to establish, improve and develop corresponding ecosystems with communities. The Khipu-based distributed search engine blockchain will become a shared platform economy of “non-centralized” point-to-point direct communication. Khipu is already being traded at MXC Exchange.

  • Easy-to-implement-and-deploy enterprise blockchain platforms and SDK
  • Intelligent contract integrated development environment
  • Enterprise blockchain real-time monitoring platforms

Step-by-Step Guide to Khipu Airdrop

  1. Sign up for the Khipu Airdrop page.
  2. Perform the different social tasks to earn up to 165 entries.
  3. Share your referral link to earn 1 Entry for each referral.
  4. Be alerted first before you missed out legitimate airdrop/bounty with limited time-frame, Join us on telegram  and twitter and find out more about the project details from this website

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