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IZIChain Network – Global Platform for Capital Connection


What is IZIChain?

IZIChain is a Public Hybrid Blockchain hyperlink platform providing blockchain custom solutions for financial markets with social and real-life applications. IZIChain allows users to interact with smart contracts, participate in smart contract completion via AI and Big Data mechanism, and operate blockchain-powered financial applications such as asset digitization, digital asset trading, and loan offer and transaction.Both individuals and entities may develop and provide standalone financial applications on IZIChain’s blockchain platform. IZIChain’s application: IZIChain completely change the way financial markets work by financial asset and real asset digitization on IZIChain’s blockchain platform.

IZIChain’s expected financial market consists of two main components:

+ Financial asset market: equity securities, fixed-income securities, fund stocks and payment instruments.
+ Tangible and intangible asset market: commodity, real estate, equipment and machinery with other tangible assets such as business idea, technology license, brand…

IZIChain enables individuals and entities to perform all functions in financial market:

+ Invest – Individuals and entities with idle funds may find investments on IZIChain platform via: (1) IBO investment, (2) Loan using the global financial network app.
+ Look for loan – IZIChain’s financial network app help individuals in acquiring loans for consumption purposes. Companies may search for loan to finance their businesses. Government may seek funding for national infrastructure development activities. The loan could be collateral or non-collateral loan
+ Funding Start – up companies and real estate projects may seek for IBO funding, which is the type of financing by digitizing tangible and intangible asset using Blockchain technology. Digitized assets transforms it existence into Tokens, which have legal equivalent to business cooperation contract (BCC).
+ Digital asset transaction – Investors may conduct digital asset trading on asset exchange powered by IZIChain technology.

Participate in the airdrop and bounty by following these steps:

  1. Chat with this telegram bot. Complete social tasks and receive 20 IZI from each (twitter, facebook. linkedIn, bitcointalk, reddit)
  2. Refer a friend and earn 20 IZI per referral
  3. Join the ongoing bounty here
  4. Register in the website and complete KYC – 50 IZI. Please use 38853 as your referral code
  5. Be alerted first before you missed out legitimate airdrop/bounty with limited time-frame, Join us on telegram  and twitter and find out more about the project details from this website

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