Thursday, April 18Cryptocurrency Latest legitimate Airdrops/Bounties and Current News that matters staking provides 300-400% of passive income yearly

Most projects concentrated on the miners alone to help verify transactions on the blockchain ledger. But IQ.Cash took a different approach by giving rewards, not to miners alone but investors and traders. The profits are divided in proportion in the following order, 57% and 43% between MasterNode (server with deposit) owners and miners accordingly. The balance of 6% is reserved to reward those who are helping in the development of IQ.Cash project or to just simply dissolve them once in a month. 

In running the masternode to assist IQ.Cash resolved payment at a very fast speed on the blockchain and enjoy unbeatable passive income, the owner has to rent a server host and deposit the required amount of IQ tokens. The cost of renting, however, costs between 1USD and 4USD per month per one masternode and there must be a total of 3001 deposits for the investment to be successful. The additional 1 IQ token that is added to the 3000 is to cater for the transaction cost to be sufficient for what is intended for. There is no game of luck here and is void of any form of fraud, the network remunerates those nodes that have not received payment longer than others (transfer IQ to all investors equally) according to the investment.

If you are not interested in running the masternode and enjoy the passive income that is currently at a profit of 200-300% a year, it is not an issue to recover your fund back. All you have to do is to unblock the deposit and trade it on any of the seven exchanges where IQ.Cash is listed. With this kind of strategy, it will make more people interested to invest and the more people that are willing to take part in this initiative and make deposits, the more the price will surge upward which will naturally give more trading profits to be shared across the participants based on their contributions. 

Let’s look at this the simple steps to make between 200% – 300% per year

  1. Purchase 3000 IQ or more suitable 3001 IQ tokens as 1 IQ will be used for transaction fees.
  2. Download the Flits mobile App for either (Android or IOS).
  3. Open the coin wallet in the app (steps will be provided later in this document)
  4. To create the masternode, enter 3001 IQ into the wallet. Remember that you will need to pay for the hosting in other to run the masternode, this will cost EUR1.99 per month. 
  5. You can withdraw your profit and spend it the way you want or use it to acquire additional masternode to increase your profits. 
  6. Follow these guides to purchase your IQ and pay for the hosting service using FLS coins (to cover the Flits service)
    1. Follow this link and a page will be opened to specify the number of IQ Cash you want to purchase.
    2. Fill the space for IQ cash and FLS wallet address both obtainable from the Flits App (steps provides below this document)
    3. Select the package based on the number of nodes and make the payment. Once the service for Flits cover a period of 5 months ahead, you are set to go
    4. Once the transaction is successful, open the masternode from the flip App, select IQ.Cash and enter the amount of nodes you want to run. One node is equivalent to 3000 IQ
    5. Start the node and begin to enjoy the profit. You can follow the current rate in the Flits App or at any crypto exchange trading coins

Let’s look at steps by step on how to run masternode without a glitch using the Flits mobile Appx

  1. As previously stated, download the Flits App according to your mobile version (Andriod or iOS)
  2. Install the App and when you get to the welcome to Flits screen, choose either to restore an existing wallet or create a new one.
  3. In our own case, we are creating a new wallet, option 1 will be selected.

  4. Ensure you backup your 24 seed phrase this is the only way to recover your wallet or export your wallet to another mobile phone

  5. Confirm some of the seed phrases you have a backup and click on verify to continue, after that, you are welcome to Flips App, simple and direct.

  6. Click on Flits menu and select New wallet. From this interface, typed IQ to create IQ wallet for receiving and sending IQ tokens

  7. Click on copy and save your IQ.Cash wallet somewhere as you will be using this later. You can as well come back to this screen at any time to copy your wallet address.

  8. Now, let’s get our masternode(s) set and begin to enjoy the passive income. Click on the personal menu and select fee and payment

  9. Copy the FLS address from this screen. That is what you will use to pay for the service fee for running the node which at present set at EUR 1.99 per month and you need to pay at least five months in advance.

  10. Follow this link and choose the number of node(s) you intend to run. One node cost 3000 IQ. Enter both the IQ.Cash and FLS addresses generated earlier in the space provided.

  11. After this stage is completed successfully, go back to your Flits App and open the node menu, select the deploy menu

  12. In the place provided to select a coin, choose IQ.Cash

  13. Choose as appropriate the number(s) of the node you made payment for and confirm the deployment to create your node

  14. Navigate back to the list menu and click on start node, waoh! that is just it.

You can visit any of the following links to know more about IQ.Cash project







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