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Imperial Rush Airdrop -MMO Game (2000+ IMHERO Coin)

Imperial Hero

Conquer the Decentralized World!

Send your Heroes to fight in epic tactical battles for honor, valuable resources and territories.

Collect Might Digital Heroes!

Every hero is a non-fungible ERC-721 crypto token with ownership rights ensured on the immutable blockchain.

Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” is a hybrid blockchain strategy MMO game running in the form of dApps on multiple distributed ledgers. It allows to summon, evolve and trade with unique crypto collectible Hero tokens, establish a kingdom and master deep tactical combats to govern virtual territories on the gaming world map. Almost every game asset is a cryptographically unique token securely stored in player’s digital wallet with ownership rights ensured on the immutable blockchain.

“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” – is the next generation on-line strategy game where every game asset is stored securely in digital wallet in the form of cryptographically unique token. Every game item belongs to player, and the player alone. Game assets can’t be diminished, removed or replaced without owner’s will.

There is a unique opportunity to reserve unique Hero token for the “Imperial Rush” game during Bounty Campaign taking place from 5th February 2019. Limited Heroes acquired during Bounty Campaign will not be offered later.

The advantages of running decentralized applications on the open sourced and trustworthy smart contracts with pure ownership of in- app assets creates a major challenge for today’s state of the market. The next generation on – line strategy game “Imperial Rush” utilizing distributed ledger technology to grant ownership of player’s assets and immutability of gameplay mechanics.

Most anticipated features of the game include:

  • Collectible mighty Heroes in form of digital tokens;
  • Decentralized gaming world map formed by players;
  • Epic tactical battles to acquire new Heroes;
  • Evolving Heroes with unique combinations of crystals;
  • Establishing a Kingdom to claim your territory;
  • Trading valuable game assets on the open marketplace.

Every game asset is stored securely in digital wallet in the form of cryptographically unique token. Game assets can’t be diminished, removed or replaced without owner’s will. Almost every game asset has its value and can be traded or exchanged on integrated marketplace. All the heroes are unique collectible ERC – 721 crypto tokens that can be freely transferred between multiply blockchain s (like Ethereum and EOS).

Rule Your Kingdom

Claim your territory by establishing the Town Hall. Build mines to extract resources, towers to protect your territory, houses for your settlers, Altar for your Heroes. Form armies to fight for control over valuable resources and Portals, protect your territory and send armies to conquer opponents.

Explore The Vast Decentralized World

Limitless territory formed by players on the distributed ledger featuring scenic views and splendid landscapes with green forests, deep lakes, sunny fields, shiny rivers and high mountains to be discovered by your Heroes. Form your mighty army and break the borders those may appear on your way.

Summon Heroes

Send armies to the Portal and win epic battles to acquire new Heroes for your collection. There is always a change to capture unique Hero with higher amount of Stars ― everything depends only on your skills and tactics.

Experience the Battle Thrill

Master deep, tactical combat by forming armies of mighty Heroes. Use special abilities and unique combinations to gain advantage and demolish an opponent to receive valuable rewards. Though all Heroes are immutable (you can’t lose them in the fight) they may require some period to restore after each fight.

Form Strategic Alliances

Gather your party to help each other in protecting territories or unite to compete against the powerful enemy. Enclose contracts with other Alliances on conditions those are fixed on immutable blockchain that will grant you its compliance by all parties.

Protect Your Territory

Every building constructed on the decentralized world map consists of valuable resources those might be of interest to your neighbours. Use your Heroes to attack opponents or be prepared to protect claimed territory with a powerful army. The more land parcels you possess, the more Heroes are required to feel safe.


“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” development started in early 2018. Game release date is expected to be announced in 2019.

Reserve your Hero early — at least one Hero is required to play Imperial Rush. Trade Heroes freely on the open market or use them to capture new powerful Heroes after the game starts.
Enlish for Imperial Rush bounty campaing to collect Coins and exchange them for valuable Heroes.

  1. Register here  and chat with the bot in the second step
  2. Chat with this telegram bot
  3. Confirm your email and login
  4. Perform different social task and earn Coins as rewards
  5. Refer others to earn more

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