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HiHealth (HiH ) Airdop

AI based medical app for complex patient diagnosis and healthcare provision in real time. The company is based in Switzerland.

Using the data of medical examinations of a large number of patients, as well as health monitoring gadgets, Hi: Health trains artificial intelligence to conduct early diagnosis of various diseases and to find the previously uncovered cause-effect relationships between the functioning of the systems and organs of the body and the occurrence of diseases.


Regsiter Here 

The airdrop campaign will have 3 parts. Below 3 steps are independent of each other and you can do only one or all of those to earn tokens. For part 3 (voting) is KYC required.

First, click here to go to the airdrop form and signup to be able to participate.

From here you can choose which three parts you want to complete.
Part 1: Join our Social Channels (600 HiH for each participant)
1) Join the official HiHealth Telegram group
2) Follow our official Twitter
3) Like our official facebook page
4) Submit the form in the page with your details.Part 2: Refer a friend (200 HiH for each successful referral)
1) Share your referral link with your friends and earn tokens.
2) For each successful referral you will earn 200 HiH and your friend can earn up to 1,000 HiH tokens based on tasks completed.
3) Maximum number of successful referrals are limited to 200 i.e. you can earn up to a maximum of 40,000 HiH tokens from referral campaign. You can check your successful referral count and earned tokens on the airdrop page. Your referral link can be created after submitting the airdrop form.

Part 3: Vote for us at KickICO (400 HiH for each successful voting)
1) Go to and register yourself. Upload your details and pass KYC.

2) Vote for HiHealth on KickICO and earn tokens.
3) Upload a screen print of your verified account to the airdrop form.
(for clear instructions, check the airdrop form)

 Join our telegram channel  . Find out more about the project details by visiting this website


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