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Hawk Network Bounty Event(12,500+ HAWK ~ $20)

Hawk Network: Distributed Intelligent IoT Technology Infrastructure

Intelligent Hardware + Edge Computing  + Blockchain 

Hawk Network is the world’s leading distributed intelligent Internet of Things, combining edge computing and blockchain technology to provide enterprises with a new generation of IoT technology infrastructure with lower access costs and more efficient availability. Hawk Network relies on intelligent hardware, uses big data technology as the starting point, balances production and ecological elements with blockchain distributed books, and finally realizes the goal of global Internet of Things. By transforming the new economic model, the Hawk Network combines digital ID and multiple encryption technologies to enable smart terminals, IoT businesses, and users to move unimpeded in the Hawk Network network, ensuring asset and data security. We believe that an era of universal intelligence perception has arrived.

The Hawk Network project was incubated by Canada’s UB.GROUP and Klaytn, a blockchain platform owned by Kakao Korea. UB.GROUP is a large-scale Internet of Things, and a smart travel multinational company with 30 million users, and operates in dozens of cities around the world. UB.GROUP has strong R&D capabilities in intelligent hardware, Internet of Things, and blockchain. Kakao is a Korean social giant with 50 million users. Kalytn is Kakao’s blockchain platform, which includes the world’s best blockchain technology and business team. UB.GROUP and Kakao are very optimistic about the development of the next generation of Internet of Things, especially the combination of edge computing technology, 5G technology and blockchain technology. They believe that the next generation will bring the global Internet of Things to a new different level.

Follow these steps to participate in the 12,500+ HAWK ~ $20

  1. Visit this page
  2. Complete the captcha. be informed that the captcha is case sensitive
  3. Agreed to the rule. Provide your email and telegram ID with @username
  4. Answer to the questions are as follows:
    1. Using the Hawk Network whitepaper and website, please select what Hawk Network’s vision is:
      Answer: Become the largest electric scooter provider in Asia through our application
    2. You will need KLAYTN wallet and not ETH address. You can create one here. Please, be careful when you want to supply your wallet address. DO NOT copy the private address. Copy and supply the public address
    3. What is the name of the first application on the Hawk Network?
      Answer: Black Hawk Knight
    4. Enter Group Butler as one of the Admin
    5. How many monthly users does Klaytn, Hawk Network’s blockchain service partner have?
      Answer: 50 million
    6. What is the private sale price per Hawk token?
      Answer: $0.006
  5. Under if you have been referred to the campaign by another user, please enter their Telegram username, kindly enter @bounty_airdrop_team


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