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Grand Lukki Giveaway: $200,000 in BTC and LOT Tokens

Lukki exchange name is consonant with the word “luck” for a reason. After all, luck is important for profitable trading. The logo of Lukki exchange is Maneki-neko. It is believed that this Japanese cat character brings its owner fortune and prosperity. Registering on the exchange, you get your own personal mascot, which will accompany you on your crypto journey. Of course, Lukki exchange is not about just luck. THey have created an innovative product, which not only helps earn money, but also entertains.

Their main goal is your convenience. Lukki is designed in a way for you to start your trading path with maximum comfort and all the necessary tools at hand. Enjoy the intuitive interface and get an in-depth experience in crypto assets trading. Trade on Lukki and see how easy, pleasant and clear trading can be.

Innovative Gamification Process: Usually, trading on a crypto exchange is not as exciting as we see it in the movies. Most of the time, traders look at the charts jumping up and down.They change that, Lukki transforms the monotonous trading process and combines the best functions of a cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative gamification process which has no analogues. In the nearest future the users of the exchange will be able not only analyze charts and choose strategies, but also play: pass the levels, earn scores, get rewards and monetize their achievements. Trading has never been so exciting! Time to trade. Get Lukki.

  1. Register for an account here. This info will be needed in step 3
  2. Confirm your email and login
  3. Chat with this telegram bot to participate
  4. Additional tasks

    Refer friends. Share your link to gain more points! You’ll receive two points for every person you refer to. If your referral deposit, you get $5 in LOT tokens*.

    Make posts. Make posts about Lukki on your social media or blog and get an extra 3 points for each one. All links will be checked after the end of the campaign, scammers will be restricted.

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