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EBCoin Airdrop (50,000 EBC ~$11 and 10,000 EBC ~$2 per referral)

EBCoin: The best gift for the traveler

EBCoin will leverage blockchain technology to eliminate the hassle and high fees associated with tax refunds for international travelers and merchants alike.

The primary goal is to use Blockchain technology to solve the many inconveniences of the current tax refund process for international travelers using the EBCoin platform. Through the EBCoin Wallet app, they will be providing customers an instant tax refund service, a currency exchange and a convenient payment method solution using the EBC token. Duty-free shopping will finally be hassle-free and rewarding for tourists and merchants alike.

The quality of your international travel experience will be significantly improved by using the convenient EBCoin tax refund system over the traditional systems that are in place. You can be assured of 100% of your refund with no need to wait in long lines at the airport and no need to hold on to paper receipts. For added convenience, ATMs and Kiosks that support EBCoin will also be deployed at major airports around the world. EBCoin will soon be seen as the duty-free shopping currency of choice for international travelers.

Already listed and available in CoinmarketCap:

Earn 50,000 EBC ($11)for completing easy tasks and 10,000 EBC ($2)for every referral

  • Chat with this telegram bot
  • Click on airdrop link to begin and join the social media channels
  • Click on ETH wallet to submit your ERC-20 wallet address
  • Click on Email to provide your email address
  • Click on balance to see your 50,000 EBC and get your referral link
  • Invite others and get 10,000 EBC per each referral
  • Fill this form and submit your social media details. Ensure you provide the same ETH address as the one supplied to the telegram bot

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