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Dolla – Send Money Easily Anywhere (17,000 DLA Bounty)

Dolla, Send Money Easily Anywhere

In a world where digital currency has yet to achieve mass adoption due to scalability and timing restraints and where fiat currencies are simply outdated, Dolla provides the solution. Dolla is the first decentralized fintech platform that has the ability to scale for global use, whilst saving users time and money.

Dolla Blockchain Technology

The heart of the Dolla ecosystem is the Dolla blockchain built on the Amended Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABDFT) consensus algorithm. The ADBFT consensus algorithm is best-suited to Dolla’s aim of becoming a globally adopted payment platform because it is lightweight, deterministic, and fork free. It is a perfect base for privacy layers and smart contract options, in addition to being economically and environmentally friendly with low transaction costs and low power consumption.



DollayPay gives customers an easy way to pay for goods and services, an interest- free option that allows the consumer to take possession of the good immediately whilst paying over time, with the merchant getting paid instantly. This will be achieved using pre-made smart contracts that are evaluated in the consensus nodes directly.

Remittance Technology

Dolla’s revolutionary technology is akin to the remittance industry making global transfers cheaper, faster and more secure.

Recurring Debits

Dolla’s recurring billing protocol is a perfect fit for weekly or monthly subscription payments. Built atop smart contract applications, Dolla makes it possible to accommodate day-to-day payment scenarios.


Dolla is developing a one click e-commerce application that integrate between the merchants website and their wallet. These Web Apps will be integrated into platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Wix, Blogger, Squarespace and others, so that users can easily checkout through the Dolla gateway.

Merchant Facilities

Dolla’s payment platform oozes simplicity for physical retailers of all sizes. The platform will be an enhanced version of the Dolla wallet with additional features specific to merchants. Payments will be contactless via QR, ApplePay and Android Pay, with instant settlement.

Steps to 17,000 DLA tokens

  • Register here. Under the referral code, kindly enter  A4KJS1UL
  • Enter your details and confirm your email
  • Log in and click on bounties menu, then select all bounties to see all available tasks
  • Join the Facebook Group, like and share the pinned post. Click on signup under facebook bounty and enter your Facebook username and the link to the shared post —  2500 DLA
  • Follow on Twitter Page, retweet the pinned Tweet with positive words. Submit your Twitter username and the screenshot of your retweet under Twitter in bounties menu. ——– 2500 DLA
  • Join the Linkedin Group. Give a positive comment regarding Dolla on any post in the group. Submit your LinkedIn name and the screenshot of your comment under the LinkedIn in the bounties menu —– 2500 DLA
  • Join the Telegram Group and post a constructive message in the group. Put Dolla logo as your profile picture and add “| DollaHolla” on your Telegram name {Example: Mathew | DollaHolla }. Submit your Telegram username and a screenshot of your constructive message in the Dashboard. — 5000 DLA
  • Reddit and joining Linkedin gives an additional 4500 DLA, all available at the bounty section from your dashboard. Click on all bounties menu.
  • Refer others by clicking on accounts menu, referral code and generate a referral link


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