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Digex – Zero free digital crypto derivative exchange (50,000 DIGEX for free ~ $35)

How easy is it to use Digex exchange?

Digex focuses on user-friendliness and simplicity. This means anyone, whether beginner or advanced, can use Digex without having any prior knowledge or experience with professional trading. For example, you can open positions directly from the exchange order book with 1 click of the mouse or via telegram. Using Digex auto trading function, you can automate as much as possible using even most complex strategies. For beginners, the best option is to get passive income without trading: using DIGEX token staking with income of up to 0.5% daily, mirror-trading (by following one or several experienced traders) or by participation in the affiliate program.

Why is it much simpler to make money in Digex than in other exchanges?

It is much easier for an ordinary trader to make money in than in other exchanges, thanks to:

✅ no trade fees and no funding, but rebates to all traders (both makers and takers)

✅ ease of trading – you can open trades with 1 click from the orderbook, while take-profit and stop-loss are set automatically

✅ trade automation. Its level surpasses the capabilities of any exchanges and automated services and does not require API. Break-even stop-losses, anti-slippage system etc.

✅ 5-15 seconds chart, indispensable for scalping. Digex traders see trends much earlier than their counterparts on other exchanges

✅ the possibility of earning passive income with staking (up to 0.5% per day) and trade-mirroring

The Digex exchange allows users to earn profits whether cryptocurrency prices rise or fall, offering leverage up to x125 (125x leverage means that if you place an order and the price goes in predicted direction by 1%, your profits will be 125% of your order amount).

Steps for participation:

  1. Register for an account here
  2. Fill in your details and sign up
  3. You will have 50,000 DIGEX in your account. This is for early users ONLY and this kind does not last long
  4. Click on finance tab to stake your 50000 DIGEX and receive 0.5% per day.
  5. Join us on  telegram 


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