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CryptoFlow (CFL) Bounty – $200

CryptoFlow : Bringing you Fiat to Crypto Transfers at market rate but for as little as 0% fees and in minutes

The cryptocurrency market moves fast and the fear of missing out on a great investment opportunity moves even faster. CryptoFlow will help
relieve the bottleneck of investors that occurs on the main avenues of entry. By offering near-instant transactions and fees that are lower than most, CryptoFlow will offer direct access to Bitcoin and hundreds of other alt coins.

By utilizing the CryptoFlow Coin (CFL) to gain entry into the crypto market, investors will be able to gain access to 0% fees for transfers. Through the growing use of the CryptoFlow platform, the team will begin their Investor Loyalty program, using a portion of platform revenue to reward masternode holders for their continued support.
CryptoFlow is a platform that will provide investors, new and experienced, with a simple, convenient path to entering the cryptocurrency market. The fear of risk is usually based on the unknown. CryptoFlow will provide curious and excited investors with an opportunity to invest without feeling as if they are wading into a large ocean of uncertainty.
Starting with the United Kingdom(UK) exclusively, CryptoFlow will operate as a premier service that exchanges investor’s fiat currency for their desired cryptocurrency. Once established and operating in the UK, CryptoFlow will begin expanding its services to additional European countries and the rest of the world.

The CryptoFlow coin (CFL) will play a vital role in the growth and longevity of the platform. A multi-purpose coin, CFL will be featured on multiple exchanges for trading, investors can choose to hold and build masternodes to collect rewards, as well as its utility within the CryptoFlow platform itself.

Rates & Fees:

Transparency and easy-to-find information will be the primary concern of CryptoFlow. This includes the market rates of all available cryptocurrencies. Within the platform, users will be able to see live prices for all coins. In addition to this feature, volatility in the price will be considered up until the moment the transaction takes place. Therefore the user is getting the best possible price for their exchange.
CryptoFlow will aim to keep all coin’s transfer fees at 2%, currently one of the lowest fees in the market. Fees will be adjusted slightly depending on particular cryptocurrencies. By utilizing the CryptoFlow coin, investors will be able to gain access to 0% transfer fees. This feature will drive demand for the coin, bring revenue to the CryptoFlow platform, and allow for the continued growth of the
number of service areas.

CRYPTOFLOW – Earn CFL tokens ($200)

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