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CROSS exchange Airdrop (Daily Dividend Sharing Exchange)

CROSS exchange consists of five functional sections: trading, mining, dividends, basics and reporting.

Exchange section: CROSS exchange uses a memory-bound algorithm that can handle 2 million transactions per second. An advanced API trading interface that supports many orders provides a wide range of technical support to professional investors. In addition, if a transaction fee is incurred due to your transaction, the equivalent of the fee will be returned in the exchange coin: XEX. XEX payments are automatically calculated based on the XEX price and quantity and are paid to the customer hourly.

Mining section: CROSS exchange has a convenient mining function where users can mine automatically. No experience required, customers can easily start mining simply by selecting the desired mining plan and the currencies to be mined. The mining program will automatically “self-trade” on your behalf and continue to convert the trading fees into XEX (Mining Coin) continuously. Generation of XEX will occur until the cryptocurrencies used for mining can not “self trade” anymore, or until the mining output per unit reaches the upper limit per hour. The mining program stops automatically when the upper limit is reached.
Dividend section: CROSS exchange distributes the daily exchange revenue at a fixed rate to all XEX holders. The customer’s own XEX are the profit sharing rights. The currency to be paid out is the same currency as the exchange revenue. Dividends are calculated based on the percentage of the XEX mined volume, hourly exchange revenue, and mined volume in the revenue sharing plans in the last second of an hour. The cumulative payout per day is issued and paid the following day.
Basic function section: New customers can easily register, login and apply for KYC (identity verification). You can also view each earnings and transaction records of the holding account (wallet account) and select different levels of account security protection as needed.
CROSS exchange places great emphasis on the user experience, and the basic feature board is always optimized to make it easy for customers to trade.
Report section: You can also check the financial status of the “CROSS exchange fund” created by XEX holders.
Report data includes exchange revenue, mining data, and fund revenue.

Procedures to receive 120 XEX token

  1. Register an account at CROSS exchange here
  2. Ensure you confirm your email and login
  3. KYC is mandatory to be completed and trade any other cryptocurrencies apart for XEX above $10. When this is completed, check your wallet for the 120 XEX token.
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