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Coinsbit Bitcoin Ultimatum Token (CBU) Airdrop – 5000 CBU tokens ~ $500

Coinsbit is introducing a number of novel services that will help to distinguish the exchange from the competition. A P2P lending service will enable microfinance, with users able to lend and borrow money via the Coinsbit platform. Borrowers are not obliged to produce their credit history, and can obtain finance while maintaining their privacy. The exchange also has an invest box service, which remunerates users who deposit cryptocurrency in the form of interest paid on various coins.

In honor of the launch of Bitcoin fork, the new generation of Bitcoin Ultimatum (BTCU), Coinsbit exchange announces a large-scale Airdrop!

The Coinsbit exchange has launched a token – Coinsbit Bitcoin Ultimatum Token (CBU), which was initially implemented on smart contracts ERC-20 standard, and after launch of Bitcoin Ultimatum fork on smart contracts in the BTCU network. All owners of CBU tokens will be able to swap their current CBU tokens (ERC-20) to CBU tokens in the BTCU ( network.

Coinsbit Bitcoin Ultimatum Token will give users access to unique features on the exchange, as well as additional bonuses and privileges.

BTCU Ultimatum is a new-generation Bitcoin fork, combining the best ideas and achievements of the crypto world! A decentralized ecosystem with smart contracts, LPoS mining algorithm in conjunction with PoA, private transactions and other technologies at the heart of BTCU!

Emission of token is limited: 1 000 000 000 CBU.

Instructions for participating in Airdrop from Coinsbit  BTCU are as follows:

  1. Register for an account and complete KYC
  2. Subscribe to one of the official Coinsbit resources:
  3. Subscribe to any of the three official BTCU resources:
  4. Make a repost about the CBU Airdrop in three different social networks, such as: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VK and etc.
  5. Fill this form to enter your details for the reward
  6. Reward: For fulfilling all conditions a user will receive CBU tokens in the amount of 500$ (5000 CBU tokens)
  7. Official announcement can be found here


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