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CoinExpress Airdrop (20 ET and 60 ET) ~ $20 or $80

CoinExpress is a leading digital assets exchange that can provide crypto-enthusiasts with a simple, secure, and exciting digital assets trading experience founded by CE Global Foundation. Cooperating with global investors, consultants, teams and a wealth of market resources and experience, CoinExpress will be able to achieve its vision and goal of creating more exciting milestones in digital assets market for users.

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinExpress is launching as part of CE Global’s financial services business, providing services globally, major cryptocurrencies can be exchanged in CoinExpress, and it will support 4 languages including Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese/English, and will develop more as exchange services grow. And CoinExpress will not only allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies but work on accepting exchange between fiat money and cryptocurrencies in the future as well.

Register early and complete your real name identification by means of KYC and get 500 ET worth of AntBots for FREE valid for 7 days. The antibot will settle your real-time income, it is your personal financial manager to give you better investment options. 

CoinExpress is given new users of their exchange 20 ET, it is the native coin of the exchange and is already tradable. 1ETT = 1$.

  1. Register for an account here for a reward of 20 ET
  2. Provide your details and use our referral code 8rwN3Q
  3. You can perform your KYC by clicking on the Account link and select KYC for an additional 60 ET.
  4. You can try out the world-first intelligent quantification bot ‘AntBot‘, where you can get income in an easier way after you real-name register to CoinExpress and completion of your KYC. It is free to use as long as you have completed your KYC.
  5. Invite others and receive 10 ET limited to 30,000 ETT and is distributed on first come first serve basis

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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.


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