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Cartesi provides a Linux runtime environment for scalable blockchain DApps.

The scalability dilemma within the blockchain has given birth to the emergency of layer 2 solutions which attempt to bring an end to many identifiable scalabilities concerns that present within the layer 1 blockchain platforms. Scale is the big issue, with root blockchains like Ethereum only able to process a paltry 15-20 transactions per second. Other matters are high gas prices and questionable privacy. To be honest, if decentralized blockchain platforms are to have upper hand over the centralized rivals with the like of PayPal and Visa, there is a need to increase the numbers of transactions per second (TPS) they can handle. Before blockchain can challenge traditional centralized solution, the TPS needs to be improved significantly. This is referred to as the “Scalability Problem” and that is exactly what Cartesi is aiming to address. Cartesi is a layer-2 platform for the development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications.

Introducing Cartesi

public blockchain has absolutely no access restrictions. Anyone with an Internet connection can send transactions to it as well as become a validator (i.e., participate in the execution of a consensus protocol). This decentralized network can form a consensus over a shared state which holds among other data, a payment system. There is work done by the participants in the network (such as making the state widely available to others and for rejecting invalid transactions) which will result in getting some stake to be incentivized which occurs through a payment system built on top of decentralized consensus. The demand for public chain infrastructure keeps on evolving as new projects emerged. as of today, blockchain is still lacking adoption and the majority of this setback comes from poor scalability and lack of a solid development environment. Cartesi is at the edge of providing a lasting solution that will checkmate these issues. 

Factors that will make Cartesi scale higher among other public blockchains

Apart from a fact at the moment that there is no project that is similar to Cartesi in term of their vision with different choices of virtual machine architecture and cryptoeconomic incentives to provide DApp developers with a wealth of software infrastructure already available for Linux, below are other key factors that will make Cartesi gain global adoption:

  1. Onboard of mainstream developers: The focus of the Cartesi is the onboarding mainstream developers that are not familiar with the blockchain. There will also be a provision for a Linux runtime environment for DApps and make the life of developers as easy as possible with rich SDK’s and tutorials. 
  2. Strategic partnerships: Cartesi team has been engaging with other blockchain projects that have an alignment with their vision with an ambition to help each other to grow and attain full potentials. Amongst are – Taiwan TechSNZArtesian VenturesAcross Asia AllianceBigBang AngelsThe Accelerator CVChina AcceleratorWings, . Also in the pipeline is the PR campaigns, meetups and hackathons to provide widespread awareness and education that will make Cartesi become mainstream for developers.
  3. Provides the solution to usability and scalability issue: The focus of the CTSI has been centered to overcome the continuous challenges that blockchain infrastructure encountered daily which has to do with scalability and usability. The network will rely on PoS protocols which are meant to provide side-chain services for high throughput optimization and temporary data storage for DApps. Besides, CTSI will also be used in the incentive protocol as specified in the Cartesi Core and isolate DApp developers and users from the instabilities of the different underlying blockchains with DApps being portable across different blockchains.
  4. Tower Defense Game: The first Cartesi DApp, Creepts is the world’s first fully decentralized tower defense tournament game, built on-top of Cartesi’s general-purpose computing Layer-2 solution for blockchains which is available at Cartesi Github repositories. The version of the game can be tested here. What’s so special about Creepts? It showcases off-chain Linux DApp development capabilities, while simultaneously utilizing all advantages of blockchain. 

  5. Complex computations with security guarantees: As reiterated above, Cartesi is a complex computation run off-chain while retaining the blockchain security is guaranteed. With it, building a decentralized logic DApp’s using software that compiles directly for Linux is as easy as tapping keystrokes on the keyboard. Available also is the ability to compress and decompress files, read an image file, access an SQL database, etc
  6. Support the most relevant OS: It is no longer news that Linux is taking the world by storm. In many aspects as of today, it is the most relevant operating system. Also, Cartesi and public blockchains have an intimate relationship with open-source software. Linux and RISC-V are very good representatives of the open-source (and open standard) worlds with more and more adoption. In the future, Cartesi platform can support without struggle other operating systems even at the moment, Microsoft itself is embracing open-source. 


Below is the roadmap of the Cartesi ecosystem. Besides, there are many upcoming exciting developments and events that the team will be sharing often. A more definitive version will be shared as soon as the team finalizes its internal timelines.


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