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Bulls Vs Bears – Binary Options Redefined : 666.66 TRX

Bulls Vs Bears: Binary Options Redefined

Bulls Vs. Bears is a binary options platform where players can trade on 30-second candles.

Bulls Vs. Bear is also strictly PvP, meaning players only compete against each other, and the developers have no incentives to be dishonest. Additionally, the implementation of PvP in trading creates a new, exciting way to trade. Players will know final potential payouts directly after their bets are finalized, and need to strategize and adapt their moves according to the crowd’s behavior.

Bulls Vs Bears is built using blockchain technology with these amazing features:

►The team do not have custody over players funds; they trade directly from their wallet;

►Payouts are performed by a smart-contract, providing full transparency;

►Trade settlement data is stored on the blockchain, providing unparalleled transparency and reliability;

►60% of the house edge is distributed to players automatically via smart-contracts.

Follow these procedures to join the exclusive early access and get 666.66 TRX

  1. Go to Bulls vs Bears website and register
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on subscribe button under Enter our giveaway
  3. Verify your email and inviter others

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