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Buglab (BGL) Bounty

BugLab: Blockchain Security – Cybersecurity Penetration Testing on the Ethereum Blockchain

Buglab uses the power of Ethereum to enable attainable, versatile, and reliable penetration testing for digital enterprise solutions.

Methods of Fighting Cybercrime

Traditional options for fighting cybercrime are not feasible for small businesses and organizations. The cost of two common strategies outlined here rapidly becomes out of reach for all but large enterprises.

Penetration tests performed by a cybersecurity consulting firm:

Requires that clients pay for the service in terms of total billable hours, regardless of the test results. The majority of penetration tests performed by consulting firms are done by one, maybe two pentesters. This means that the client is only able to take advantage of the methodology and skillset of two consultants.

Bug Bounty challenges:

Information security researchers are paid on a per-vulnerability-uncovered basis. Companies often end up getting charged to fix issues not entirely consequential to their revenue or customers. This is described in more detail in the next section.

The Buglab Solution

The Buglab platform links organizations that have information security needs, which is just about all of them, with a community of certified cybersecurity penetration testers in an incentivized environment, where testers are rewarded when they uncover system vulnerabilities, ranked by severity and potential impacts. It’s done as a race against time. Importantly, finding unique vulnerabilities is ranked above simply producing a list of issues.

Core Features of the Buglab Platform The Buglab platform enables customers to either use the mass of pentesters or choose a validated team from a known company. Teams must include no fewer than five pentesters. A variety of customizations are available, specific to your organizational needs. Some of the features envisioned are highlighted next.

Public Contest : Once a company has provided basic information and launched the contest, the community receives a public invitation to participate.

Private Contest : Clients also have the option to choose a select number of pentesters from the community or choose a validated team from a known cybersecurity firm to complete the challenge

Selection Filters : Clients have the option during a private challenge of selecting pentesters using different filters. These include country, score, skillset, etc.
Triage System : Vulnerabilities reported go through our sorting system to identify duplicates before landing on the customer’s dashboard. The customer is guaranteed to only get notified about relevant submissions

Reports : The company receives reporting on it’s security contests. This feature summarizes each contest’s performance and allows the client to graphically compare the security status and progress of its assets.

Client-Managed : The company can choose from three types of contest management (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise). In the case of the latter, the client is responsible for sorting, classifying and grading reports.

Mediation : When a customer opts to manage their challenge themselves, a pentester from the community can ask for mediation from Buglab. This mediation may be required in the event that a pentester deems the score or validation to be inaccurate. A Buglab team can obtain details regarding the cause of the disagreement and evaluate it impartially

Leaderboard : A dashboard offers ranking of pentesters from the community according to experience and results on the platform. This provides greater visibility for the best pentesters and makes it easier to select participants for a private challenge.

Chat : Every vulnerability report is a chance to engage in conversation with pentesters and to obtain their help fixing it.

Fix Companion : At the Enterprise level, Buglab will verify that the fix has been implemented.

Vigilante Protocol

In addition to rolling out contests for enterprises of varying scales, Buglab is introducing a globally integrated hacking prevention program named the Buglab Vigilante Protocol. It’s a system that allows whitehat researchers to report on system vulnerabilities of a company that isn’t one of our platform’s customers. We invite companies to reward the whitehats in the form of optional tips or gratuity when they discover flaws. It’s a way for companies to obtain recommendations for their solutions from watchful guardians at little cost to them


  1. Visit here  and click on bounty program
  2. Click on join bounty from the menu
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Read this Bitcointalk ANN and participate on anyone you are qualified and receive BGL tokens
  5. Ensure you report your bounty tasks

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