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BiOne Exchange $15 in BCAC giveaway for new users ONLY

BiOne is committed to the global popularization and development of digital asset

Bione is a leading digital asset exchange with global technology and services registered in Singapore. The three co-founders of the team have been in the blockchain industry for many years and have a very high sense of industry, setting 2018 as the bione group in the district. In the first year of the blockchain industry, bione is the core of the enterprise with ‘blocks change the world, block link wealth’, and the core values of ‘fairness, transparency, compliance, innovation, cooperation and win-win’ provide the most global users. Excellent service.

Bione’s core technical team comes from five countries in the world, top-ranking financial, IT, encryption technology and other strong lineup teams. Many of the team members have worked in Alibaba, Alphabet, Hong Kong ASM Pacific Technology and other global top 100 technology companies, at least After two years of experience at the Digital Asset Exchange, the team is committed to making bione the safest, most professional, most convenient, smartest, most extensive, and most dedicated global digital asset exchange.

Follow these steps to receive $15 in BCAC for new users ONLY

  1. Register an account here, you need to supply this to the bot. You can change the language from the top right-hand corner to English. After this, go to step 5 to participate in the airdrop
  2. Provide your email, username and set your password
  3. In the following page, set a password for trading that is different from your login password. This is to prevent anybody to execute a trade if they gain access to your account. Enter the Captcha image and click on get verification code.
  4. Check your email and enter the code in the space provided and login
  5. have a chat with this telegram bot to join the airdrop
  6. Follow all the simple instructions as provided. Will take less than 10 minutes to achieve all tasks
  7. Use your referral link to invite others for additional reward.
  8. Be alerted first before you missed out legitimate airdrop/bounty with limited time-frame, Join us on telegram  and twitter and find out more about the project details from this website

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