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Apollo Currency and SparkPoint Giveaway (10,000 APL and over 50,000 SRK)

Apollo Currency this past year has had many revolutionary achievements . They have created the Fastest (1-2 sec) and most Private coin in crypto and have created a Blockchain updater whereby a single transaction by the developer team will allow them to quickly and efficiently integrate smart contracts, as well as add new features to the Blockchain, all while preventing Hard forks.

The Apollo team since its inception has created a coin with advanced cutting edge technology that makes them a contender for a future top 10 coin.


In another Major release this month, Apollo Currency has released their Apollo DEX which is integrated into their wallet, which can be found at

Here a user can simply download an Apollo wallet and begin trading Apollo, Bitcoin , Ethereum and PAX. In time new coins will be added to the exchange. In keeping with Apollo’s Privacy Mission. No KYC is required like other exchanges. Many exchanges in crypto ask for passport and driver’s license pictures etc. leaving the users personal information open to being comprised. Apollo DEX doesn’t ask for this information keeping the User safe and private at all times.

PAX is Apollo’s stable coin, which can be linked to your bank account, making an easy transfer from crypto to fiat and vice versa if needed. Presently the DEX is taking Ethereum and PAX deposits and as of the 15th of April will be accepting Bitcoin Deposits. Also on the 15th , Full trading will begin on the DEX including Withdrawals.

SparkPoint Ecosystem is a decentralized payment gateway with integrated crypto exchanges, blockchain based e-learning, gaming, and online store.

With four main functions, people can now settle bills, send and receive money, enrol in various e-courses and e-programs, shop, and entertain themselves in one platform. Not to mention, to earn and be rewarded!
SparkPoint Ecosystem aims to encourage people to participate in digitizing payment transactions by providing inclusive financial services integrated with blockchain technology, easing the hassle of transferring money & participating in cryptoccurency exchanges.

Follow these procedures to participate in the Apollo and SparkPoint giveaway event and earn as 10,000 APL and over 50,000 SRK.

  1. Register here and click on sign me up. You will need to download Apollo wallet to participate, the link is provided below.
  2. Download Apollo Wallet and provide your ERC 20 Address. The two are needed to receive your APL coin and SRK token respectively.
  3. Enter your details and confirm your email
  4. Invites others to earn more points

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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

FRAUD ALERT: We do our best to filter out the NOISE. Any airdrop/bounty that required you to provide OR singup with your Private key, Keystore / JSON File, Mnemonic Phrase, kindly close immediately to avoid losing your fund as these are for your PRIVATE USE ONLY and not to be shared with anybody

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