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Antube Airdrop-5000 ATT (mobile video community DApp)

Antube is a mobile video community DApp

Antube is a blockchain-based mobile video community that combines DATA’s wallet, SDK and M3 mobile decentralized distributed storage framework, allowing users to mine coins based on the effective attention spent on viewing mobile ads and videos. “Value your moments”, Antube will share the ecological value and profit through blockchain technology to the effective contributors in the ecosystem.

Antube is the first ecosystem blockchain App that DATA has incubated with GroundX, which is subsidiary of Kakao. Kakao is the largest Korean Internet company.

Different from the traditional short video platforms, Antube has the three following characteristics:

1. Reward-earning Based on Contributions

Antube uses Antube Token (ATT) to reward users for content-creating, browsing, sharing, commenting, etc. In addition, in all the commercial scenarios, users can also mine DATA’s mainnet token, DTA Coin, through contributing effective attention by viewing mobile ads.

Based on different contributions, device credit scores, etc., users will receive different types and amounts of rewards. With a variety of rewards, Antube strives for the users to gain value at every moment spent on the application. At the same time, Antube will increase the value of ATT and DTA Coin through the commercialization of the platform.

2. Video-sharing Community Autonomy

Antube will support users to share and collect all kinds of favorite videos from different platforms across the network. In the future, Antube plans to open a short-video uploading service based on DATA’s M3 decentralized mobile data storage system. While enjoying the fun of videos, Antube users also have the opportunity to make friends and socialize with the international users in the community. In terms of the review and distribution of video content, Antube will also try to decentralize it through dynamically selecting candidates from the community.

3. Data Privacy Owned by the Individual

By using the mobile decentralized distributed storage framework provided by DATA M3, Antube will completely decentralize the user’s personal data and the uploaded video data. Users will truly gain the ownership, use right, and the potential commercialization right of their personal data.

Get 5,000 ATT by being an Antube new user by following these procedures

  • Step 1: Download Antube on Google Play and enter your Antube ID(Email). DTA coin will be sent to your Antube account directly.
  • Under you can earn reward by entering the invitation code, during APP install, enter LMPTHU to qualified for 500ATT
  • Before you submit your form in step 1 above, please double check your Antube account(Email Address)again. Once you submit, the address can not be changed
  • Follow and enter your username for these channels(telegram , twitter and medium) as provided for via the link in the first step
  • After successful installation, login to your account and click on the icon before your account logo to receive free daily check-in ATT token. Below it, click on Novice tasks, daily tasks or weekly tasks and receive more than 5000ATT depending on the tasks completed.
  • Click on the + sign to post a video, and invite friends for higher reward.
  • Join our telegram channel for updates . Find out more about the project details by visiting this website

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