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Adara Airdrop (100 days -100 BTC giveaway in AAA tokens)

Adara is a digital asset exchange, designed to make traders better

Social Trading: Successful traders can let others receive alerts or just “copy” all the moves they make in the exchange. Less experienced users can find traders they trust based on their public performance.
Gamification: They are making both trading and community interaction fun with a system of opt-in personal ranks and achievement paths, kept as virtual badges and displayed on each user’s profile on the leader board. Users will acquire rankings based on their overall Adara

100 BTC giveaway in AAA tokens leading up to the Adara’s IEO! WIN 1 BTC of AAA every day!

  1. Register an account here
  2. Verify your email and login
  3. Complete your KYC – Mandatory to participate in this giveaway. Follow this link to perform your KYC process
  4. How will I know that I am a winner? Winners will be announced at 12.00 UTC+0 every day on the Adara giveaway page. Besides, Every winner will receive an email with congratulations from the Adara Team and everyone in the Adara Universe.

Be alerted first before you missed out legitimate airdrop/bounty with limited time-frame, Join us on telegram  and twitter and find out more about the project details from this website

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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

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