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350,000 NOIA Airdrop – World’s First Programmable Internet Backbone as a Service

Internet for the Modern World. Security, Reliability, and Speed — in Minutes

The internet we have today is a patchwork of technologies, some decades old. Outdated infrastructure leaves internet users with unsecureslow, and unreliable connections. NOIA Bridges the Gap: NOIA is a software solution that runs on top of the public internet. It provides built-in security and ensures connections are reliable and fast — all in a few clicks. When a device or server instance is connected, every packet is encrypted and automatically routed via the best available path on the Internet. NOIA’s core backbone includes 41 high-capacity data center locations, in addition to 10,000+ globally-dispersed community nodes, capable of carrying thousands of concurrent connections.

NOIA’s creating a fully-secure, high-speed, human-centric Internet where openness, decentralization, inclusiveness, and protection of privacy are of the utmost importance. It provides more transparent and accessible services, more intelligence, greater involvement and participation for every person or business globally; leading towards an Internet that is a true engine of growth and social progress. NOIA’s created a Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) which, in combination with blockchain technology, connects an autonomous swarm of nodes via best possible paths across the public internet. Much like Waze for driving, user’s traffic is always routed the fastest way possible, avoiding any network congestion on its way. That offers an alternative to the current Internet, giving the control back to the end-users, while also rewarding them for sharing their connection.

Follow these procedures to participate in the NOIA winplay airdrop

  1. Register for an account here
  2. Click on your username and select the setting to connect your social network and input your ERC-20 wallet address. Do this first before you begin the tasks
  3. You can click on the play button and select NOIA to begin performing the social tasks
  4. Invite others and get 60 points per referral.


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