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WEEDO Airdrop

The first eco-friendly cannabis production facility powered by solar energy and heated by crypto-mining.

WEEDO aims to achieve a core modification of the global cannabis industry, similar to how Uber has revolutionized the taxi industry or how Upwork has brought freelancing to a new level. At our eco-friendly production facility, we will produce a superior quality, 100% organic cannabis. In doing so, we will establish a new system currently still unused. More about Weedo farm system.

WEEDO is using the proven ICO crowdfunding model, allowing backers to invest in expansion of production and become holders of WEEDO tokens, a Waves platform based cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged for either cannabis or funds after the project is launched. More about WEEDO Initial Coin Offering

WEEDO’s production facility will use only all-natural, biological fertilizer made from animal waste, peat, regular and liquid manure, algae and guano to grow the cleanest all-natural cannabis.

Maximizing efficiency while minimizing our environmental footprint, we​ will utilize energy generated from our array of high quality solar panels. With an unlimited supply of clean, renewable energy, the facility will be completely self-sufficient.

This is not only ecologically advantageous, but also financially :In addition to lowering the facility’s monthly overhead, the solar energy will be used to power a network of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and Graphics-Processing Unit (GPU) crypto-mining rigs. These rigs will yield other existing cryptocurrencies that will be transformed into another stream of revenue on exchange platforms. Aside from creating additional crypto trading possibilities, this mining system will generate heat for the growth of the cannabis crop. The energy saved in this efficient approach will save money as well as the environment.

Integral diversion of energy and heat: WEEDO’s facility will require a significant amount of energy (300kw) on a daily basis for the proper cultivation of cannabis. Consequently, solar energy is the most efficient source for our needs. Untaxed and environmentally friendly, it is financially sound, and contributes to the decrease of CO2 emissions and other pollutants. Furthermore, these panels are 100% recycled at the end of their life expectancy.

Approximately 70% of the energy derived from these solar panels will be routed into the crypto-mining rigs. This energy will then be converted to heat, which will be distributed through both the greenhouse and the indoor main facility.

The other 30% will be used for the overall powering of the rest of the facility, in particular the cultivation of the crop. Despite representing more than three quarters of WEEDO’s production, the greenhouse culture will not demand a large amount of this electricity. Since the lighting source will be natural, the energy production will be mainly used toward the hydroponic structure and the airflow system. The remaining cannabis growth (used for derived products) in the main facility will be heated by the mining rigs as well.

Further energy will be saved by the aforementioned circulation of heat from the ASIC and GPU mining rigs into the greenhouse. Air extractors will recover the emission of heat produced by the mining hardware before filtering it and redirecting it to the production area.

An explosive market: The market for legal marijuana is heating up in a big way. Legal marijuana sales surpassed $8.5 billion in North America in 2017, according to a new report from cannabis industry analysts Arcview Market Research, in partnership with BDS Analytics.

This is a 16% increase from 2016 — unprecedented growth that destroyed expectations for the expansion of the cannabis industry, despite strict federal regulation. Arcview goes on to say that the legal cannabis market is expected to reach $22.8 billion in sales by 2021. With a 26% annual growth rate over the next three years, cannabis shows no signs of slowing down, especially with more states legalizing recreational marijuana and existing markets maturing.

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