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Tip Blockchain (TIP) Bounty

Tip Blockchain: The first cryptocurrency platform with usernames for addresses. Find other users and transact using usernames intead of random crypgographic hashed addresses.

Problem Statement

  1. Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange
    For our first scenario, let us assume we have two users, Bob and Alice. Bob needs to send Alice a cryptocurrency transaction to repay her for lunch she bought him today. With existing solutions, Bob would somehow have to get Alice’s wallet address from her. If they are in person, Bob could scan a QR code containing Alice’s wallet address. If they are not in the same location, Alice could send Bob
    her address hash by copying, pasting and sending it to Bob over text messaging, another messaging app, or by email. These additional steps to initiate a transaction create unnecessary friction.
  2. Small Business Accepting Cryptocurrency
    In the second scenario, we will consider the case of small businesses accepting cryptocurrency for the payment of goods or services. These could be your neighborhood coffee shop, restaurant or shoe repair store. Assuming a business, let’s call it Gino’s Pizza, wants to accept cryptocurrencies for payment, a common practice used today is the business displays QR code that can be scanned by  customers to get the business’ wallet address. Customers can then send transactions to this address using their own wallet application. This again creates barriers to entry for users who are not used to dealing in cryptocurrencies.
  3. Contextual Information Around Transactions
    The third scenario pertains to contextual data for transactions. Let us go back to our neighborhood restaurant. Let us also assume that Gino’s Pizza is a popular joint, thus, and several transactions are processed in an hour. If several orders are placed over the phone or by users scanning the business address QR code, the restaurant operators have no way of knowing which transaction corresponds
    to which order. One ineffective solution would be to match the value of transactions with orders. This would not work if there is more than one transaction with equal or similar value. Another option would be the customers reading out the source address out over the phone, and the order taker recording this address, and then match addresses when transactions come in to attribute them to the correct customer. With only addresses hashes to go by, this is technically infeasible. Now imagine that the pizza shop is expecting deposits from multiple customers. It would be a total nightmare for the store employees to match transactions to customer addresses.

The Solution: Tip Blockchain

  • Human-friendly Addresses
    The first solution presented by the Tip is unique, user-friendly addresses or address aliases. Each address on the Tip Blockchain is created from a cryptographic hash, just like with Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, this is an implementation detail users should not have to care about. With Tip, users will be able to create human-readable names or aliases on their accounts and transact using these aliases. The network maps the alias to the corresponding address, so transactions are routed correctly to the intended recipient
  • Transaction Metadata
    In addition to address aliases, Tip also provides the ability to attach arbitrary metadata to both accounts and transactions. Actually, attaching an alias to a wallet address can be thought of as a special case of attaching metadata to an address. This metadata can be protocol dependent, such as an alias, or arbitrarily specified by the user. It will be stored in the form of key-value pairs. This
    metadata would allow for the storage of arbitrary data the user chooses to specify.
  • Discovery
    So now we know that data can be stored alongside addresses and transactions. What can this data be used for?
    The Tip Blockchain is a fully indexed, searchable platform. Users will then be able to discover other users and new content on the network by searching through the data using client applications. Network nodes will expose a RESTful API that store and access this information on the network. Decentralized apps (DApps) can then be built to use this RESTful API to discover information. DApps
    will be able to create their own custom fields and protocols to extend the usability of the platform.
  • Peer to Peer Instant Messaging
    The first DApp built on the Tip Network, by the Tip team will be a wallet app, incorporating several features of the platform. Account aliases, search and instant messaging will be bundled into this wallet application. Instant messaging will be a central feature of the application, as the primary goal of Tip is to drive mass adoption of the Tip Blockchain, and instant messaging provides a way to do
    that. Users will be able to send transactions directly from within messaging conversations, or by using the traditional wallet interface.
  • Point-of-Sale System
    At the other end of the spectrum the cryptocurrency adoption problem, is businesses. The solution Tip provides to businesses will be another DApp, built specifically for retailers. This is a point-of-sale system, which will include features such as:
    ● Transaction management
    ● Order management
    ● Customer management
    ● Sales reporting and analytics
    ● Third party integrations


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