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The Accounting Blockchain (TAB) Airdrop

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The future of Accounting at your fingertips. 

Businesses around the globe record their transactions separately from one another, creating duplication of work all along the supply chain, incurring great reconciliation costs, and are subject to fraud and error in each link of the chain. Accounting Blockchain will enable accounting software used by businesses to become integrated, hence removing this isolated accounting effect that is estimated cost the global industry billions of dollars a year and impedes accountants from dedicating their full potential in value creation work.

AB Fingertips Suite provides a seamless marriage of blockchain technology into the way business is done today, preparing businesses for tomorrow, and saving all types of businesses lots of time and money in the process. AB Fingertips suite is the way forward for businesses wanting to integrate into the supply chain through blockchain and to introduce the future way of doing business through crypto currencies seamlessly into their current business model and accounting practice.

AB Taxavance provides reduced dependency on tax accountants by serving as a 24/7 taxation assistant, intelligently updated with tax parameters by taxation industry leaders while being continuously updated with crypto trading data.


  • Singup here
  • Click on Bounty & Airdrop menu and click on join
  • Fill the form
  • Verify your email by clicking on the link in your email. Check also your span and junk folder
  • Enter your ETH wallet on the page that will be displayed

Pleas always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC 20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

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