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Kratos 1,000 TOS  ($118) for physical commodities businesses

Kratos 1,000 TOS ($118) for physical commodities businesses

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About Arkratos Blockchain Solutions: Based out of Singapore, Arkratos Blockchain Solutions is backed by a global investment company which has over 100 years of collective expertise in international physical commodity trading with $2 billion consolidated revenue, $230 million paid up capital and operation in over 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. KRATOS™, their flagship product is a blockchain-based platform that is accessible 24/7 for the commodities trading industry. Steps to participate. be informed that Individual or company KYC is required KRATOS Airdrop is worth 1000 TOS tokens (~$ 118), only for physical commodities businesses. Click here to participate Enter your email and verify the same Login code / activation link will be sent to you Activate your ema