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BRAVO Pay (BVO) Airdrop

BRAVO Pay (BVO) Airdrop

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What is BRAVO? A next generation mobile payment solution for day-to-day use. empowering service professionals, artists, small merchants … and everybody else... allowing them to pay and get paid seamlessly, securely and anomyously. Background into BRAVO: 2014: BRAVO was officially launched and set out to revolutionise the tipping and anonymous payment industry with their seamless mobile payment application. 2015: BRAVO won the Audience Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt. 2016: Our Alpha, and then BETA, FIAT application was released in the USA 2017: BRAVO was featured on ABC's SharkTank and got a deal with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner. Since then, they have gained a significant amount of traction with tens of thousands of users and millions of dollars worth in transactions.
EXCHAIN (ET) Special User Test  $2000 Worth Everyday

EXCHAIN (ET) Special User Test $2000 Worth Everyday

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Exchain, the first Global Shared Digital Assets Trading Platform. Not only sharing the trans-fee with partners, general partner can get 20%, while the super partner can get 50%, Also Exchain will distribute 100% of daily profits to holders of Exchain (ET) token Exchain digital assets trading platform is finally coming. Now we opens the "Special User Test" for our precious users to experience the stimulated transaction and win real Exchain Token (ET), which worth 2000 USDT per day. Exchain Introduction Exchain is the first global shared trading platform, using centralized technology to matching orders efficiently, and gradually record platform Tokens on blockchain. We intend to create a sharing, supervising, and transparent platform, also make the platform co-owned, shared, co-g
Hi-Health (HIH) Reddit Bounty Campaign ($190)

Hi-Health (HIH) Reddit Bounty Campaign ($190)

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Welcome to HiHealth – A global healthcare ecosystem analyst based on artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and smart contracts! HiHealth is conducting Reddit bounty campaign to spread the awareness about its upcoming ICO. Below are the information about the campaign: HiHealth will distribute up to 4,500,000 (Four and Half Million) HiH tokens to eligible participants as part of this campaign. Each participant has a chance to earn up to 12050 HiH tokens worth $190. Campaign is limited to 2,000 participants only. Bounty Campaign Details This campaign has 3 parts. You can take part in any one or all 3 of these. Part 1: Subscribe to HiHealth Subreddit. (Reward 150 HiH) Register and Subscribe to HiHealth subreddits below, and remain subscribed until rewards are distr