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For the first time, billions of dollars worth of isolated scientific data will be traded, setting a new paradigm for advancements and collaboration in Science.

The first decentralized MarketSpace which enables, simplifies and standardizes the exchange of Scientific data leveraging the power of Blockchain.

UNIQUE MARKETSPACE: Millions of datasets indexed and exchangeable through Ricardian Adaptive Smart Contracts (RASC)

SELF-GOVERNED COMMUNITY: A community driven ecosystem of scientific data experts engaging, exchanging and collaborating

GRANT & SUBSIDY MODEL: A unique community-driven fund built to empower data creation and accessibility

Ricardian Adaptive Smart Contracts: A proprietary version of smart contracts readable by man and machine digitalizing the business and legal rules as well as compliance of the right of use of the data.

The SciDex Community: A self-governed and active community with different actors, various types of contributions and one goal, accelerating Science.

Grant Model: A unique grant model to provide the most promising startups proposing new and state-of-the-art data streams, which could result in strong advancements in Science, with the support needed.

Subsidy Model: A subsidy model for institutions, such as government-owned companies and universities, to cover the cost of joining and adopting the MarketSpace to contribute their data.

A MIT-bred team of experts, backed by top-tier investors: The SciDex team is composed of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with experience building successful businesses and a drive to progress and accelerate Science.

For elaborate information, visit their website , read the white paper and join their telegram channel for up to date information.