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LNW (Lancer Network)

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Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Here people interested in earning crypto currencies and businessmen who arewilling to pay for SMM and marketing services.

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Basic Principles of Lancer Network
Lancer Network is a dashboard to search workers for different tasks. Our system uses completely new way of online work with fully
automated & transparent distribution of payments to all the workers. It allows the customers to pooli-in multiple workers on similar types
of tasks. Thereby, the tasks are executed faster and more efficiently. Also, the time required to calculate and handle payment transactions
decreases. The payment is calculated instantly according to the following parameters:

Number of services in task
Payment allocated for each service
Priority in search

Users can view all the information about available and owned tasks on the personal dashboard. Also, the user remains in full control of
their financial operations. For instance, they can;

Replenishment of internal account
Withdrawal of funds
Receipt of payments for assignments
Payment for assigned tasks

Lancer Network supports system of due-dates to make execution of all tasks faster. If a worker takes too long for completing a task,
his/her own task is automatically closed. This action then frees the spot for other workers to execute the same task before a deadline.
If customer checks tasks of workers, and takes too long to accept a task request, it automatically changes the status to ‘Accepted.’ This
ensures a mutual work ethics balance between the customer and the
task executor.

Payments System
Our system accepts BTC, ETH or Lancer Network’s tokens. The only difference lies in the fee for each currency. Users can publish tasks only if they have has enough currency in the internal account. Money is written-off immediately when the job is published. One can also promote a task in general search for an additional fee.

Users can replenish their internal account’s balance for further tasks distribution. He/she can do it by adding the required amount on the Lancer Network’s wallet. We are doing this to make transactions with very small amount of currency faster and easier without any transaction fees. One can withdraw his/her currency only if it’s bigger than the minimum threshold amount required for money withdrawal. This condition is because of the reduced transaction fees for lower amounts.

Customer’s Functions
Worker’s Functions
Create tasks, specify number of services and payment for each
completed task.
Adding different filters to assign tasks to suitable workers (filter
workers rate, e.t.c).
View and check workers’ progress and reports
Editing tasks
Contact with the workers


Worker’s Functions
View list of available tasks
Apply filters in global search (price, tags, currency, category)
View corrections and comments of the customer and resolve them
Send tasks for review/check
Contact with customer if required


Lancer Network follows a rating system. It provides objective and fully assessment of system’s users.
Rating is based on the following:
Rating of the customer by users. Workers can rate how fair a
customer is.
Number of approved tasks.
Number of declined tasks.

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