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ZantePay (ZNX) Bounty and Airdrop

ZANTEPAY is the cryptocurrency multi wallet integrated with debit card, provided by Estonian GFC Good Finance Company AS.
There are three major problems crypto community is facing right now:

  • Integrating the digital currency world and the world of traditional finances.
  • Expensive exchange fees.

Digital assets are not by default inheritable.

ZANTEPAY offers solutions:

  • With ZANTEPAY pre-paid card user can spend their BTC, ETH, LTC and ZNX (more crypto currencies to come) anytime, anywhere.
  • ZANTEPAY is working towards better (cheaper) exchange fees for the customers.
  • ZANTEPAY wallet will allow naming one beneficiary in case of account owner ´s death.
ZNX (ERC 20 platform token) is designed to become the new mainstream coin. It will be acceptable anywhere pre-paid card is. It will allow users to get rewarded referral, affiliate and cashback bonus, as well as pay the fees, related to card maintenance and exchange. Free conversion from BTC, ETH, LTC to ZNX and 50% discount on all the services within the ZANTEPAY ecosystem.
We aim to become the biggest crypto currency wallet in the world. Our marketing strategy is to bring everyone onboard, offering FREE pre paid card. Other perks for the customers include bounty, referral, affiliate and cashback reward. ZANTEPAY is aiming to reach 1mio customers by the end of 2019.
ZANTEPAY WALLET: The ZANTEPAY wallet is the core product that lays as the foundation to all existing fee-generating services. We will offer a hosted crypto multi wallet (BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX support, more crypto currencies will be added at the later stage) and integrated simple exchange services.
ZANTEPAY PRE-PAID CARD: The ZANTEPAY pre-paid card is going to be launched in late 2018, to become one of the fastest penetrating digital currency cards on the market. It will allow any BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX crypto currency holder to spend their coins, online or otherwise, anywhere that accepts traditional payment cards. This, paired with the digital wallet, allows users to utilize their crypto currency in day-to-day life.
30% of all ZNX tokens will be for sale to the public between the phases of the ICO pre-sale and the ICO sale to the general public. 30% of all ZNX tokens will be distributed for marketing purpose. A further 40% of ZNX tokens will be retained by the Distributor, and will be used
for various purposes, such as community initiatives, business development, academic research, education and market expansion or future token sales. The Distributor considers this as a testament to the fact that ZANTEPAY wants to be transparent and inclusive for the community at large, which ZANTEPAY perceives as its most valuable asset.
Each of the founders of ZANTEPAY will get 12,5% of ZNX during 3 years period of time. If one of the founders should leave the project, rest of the tokens will be burned. This is a warranty for the ZANTEPAY community to keep founders motivated and lead the project to ultimate success.
No further ZNX will be issued after the ICO period is over.


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