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Tune Token Airdrop – 500 TUNE

Music Collaboration Democratized & Incentivized

Blockchain Song Rights Database & Royalty Transparency

A Decentralized Music Production Marketplace.

Tune Company is a software development and management company primarily focused on creating blockchain based technology, smart contract design and digital tokenized applications.  Tune’s primary mission is to solve digital songwriter rights and royalty transparency issues for the music industry. Furthermore, the establishment of our tokenized products will enable applications the ability to offer user tipping and user/community incentivized rewards thru the sharing, creation and engagement of content as well as other features.  Tune is proud to announce a licensing agreement with the TechCrunch Disrupt Cup award winning RecordGram application.

The Award Winning Mobile App formerly known as RecordGram. looks to become the next disrupting force in the music industry.’s vision is to establish itself as a decentralized mobile application that truly democratizes music collaboration and talent discovery. At the same time, it looks to provide those users who generate value on the platform, with an opportunity to get compensated for their involvement. All this is to be done by tapping into the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Individual participants can earn up to 500 TUNE max if each task is completed. However, the amount of individual tasks are not limited for the contest. (*The more tasks you do gives you a better chance at winning prizes*)

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