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Tripio (TRIO) Airdrop and Bounty

Decentralized Travel Marketplace and Protocols

The blockchain technologies Tripio leverages help reduce transactional and operational costs in travel industries,

as well as improve customer experience in their respective products and services. On the Tripio platform, a service provider can publish her unique service terms and conditions using smart contracts. From the moment a purchase initiates to the end of the travel, every step along the way can be enforced and monitored by smart contracts. Should disputes arise, Tripio provides dispute resolution by means of community selfgovernment mechanisms.

The Tripio dApp and the Tripio Protocals are powered by the ERC-20 utility token called the TRIO token. Customers may use Tripio dApps directly. At the same, any third-party may build its own dApp by leveraging the open Ethereum protocols.

Total reward pool: 5,000,000 TRIO
1 TRIO = $0.009991 USD

TRIO is trading on OKEx now. You can Learn more about its price at CoinMarketCap:


Step-by-step guide to Tripio bounty campaign

  1. Head over to the bounty website: Here
  2. Sign up with Gmail, or use other email address.
  3. If you are using other email, fill in your address and get a verification code.
  4. The next step is to link your accounts:
  5. Telegram: Go to ‘Telegram Rewards’ and join the telegram group. Now connect to @bountobot
  6. Twitter: Make sure to follow the Tripio Twitter and link your account.
  7. Reddit: Link your account and subscribe to our subreddit.
  8. From here you can start doing tasks that earn your TRIO tokens.

Find more details on the project website here


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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

FRAUD ALERT: We do our best to filter out the NOISE. Any airdrop that required you to singup or provide your Private key, Keystore / JSON File, Mnemonic Phrase, kindly close immediately to avoid loosing your fund as these are for your PRIVATE USE ONLY and not to be shared with anybody.

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