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Trend Network (TRD) Airdrop & Bounty

The main objective of TREND NETORK team is to create a platform that can serve the purposes of both the Service Providers and Clients. The platform built over Ethereum protocol makes use of smart contracts for automation and provides an easy and cost-effective way to sell and showcase services. Unlike other similar platforms, TREND NETORK incorporates a simple yet efficient user interface that allows the users to browse and see services just the way they have been doing on conventional services platform. The multi cryptocurrency and fiat support makes the platform even more convenient for the users

Offering Solutions and Opportunities
TREND NETORK is bringing in the tried and tested decentralized application model into the business industry. Until now people had to rely upon third party centralized platforms and with such a model comes the middlemen and intermediaries who charge an additional hefty commission which eats into the earnings of the Service Providers. This in turn also bears an affect on the actual pricing of the services
over the showcasing service or business platform, to be borne by the clients. The use of blockchain and smart contracts within TREND NETORK makes it possible for the platform to overcome all the challenges thrown at it. Starting with the use of cryptocurrencies alongside fiat and automation of payments and settlements between providers and clients. It also helps the platform maintain low operating and
transaction costs and to ensure that the platform is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Improving Business Selling Services
The TREND NETORK platform is designed to improve the business industry, especially the content delivery and showcasing part. The decentralized platform offers unprecedented levels of flexibility to the main stake holders. By providing complete freedom to Service Providers to upload their work and set their own pricing, it encourages more people, both big and small to register on the platform and start selling services. And, the absence of third-parties in the ecosystem reduces cost overheads in the form of commissions, the benefit of which is ultimately passed down to the providers and clients

Helping Service Providers Make a Living
Service Providers form the backbone of the business industry and they are in most cases underpaid for their efforts, and their creativity is undervalued. It is mainly because of the conventional, centralized business discovery and showcasing platforms that aim to maximize profits. These platforms act as third-party intermediaries, taking a hefty fees and commission from the revenues generated by the sales, which comes from the payment that’s owed to the providers.

Promoting Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
TREND NETORK is one of the successful cryptocurrency projects of 2018. The platform has introduced blockchain technology into the business industry to encourage the growth of the ecosystem while solving some of the issues regarding the well-being of the service providers community. At the same time, the TREND NETORK team has also made it their mission to promote the use of cryptocurrencies among the general public. In order to familiarize people with cryptocurrency usage, they have included support for various payment options alongside the platform’s native TREND NETORK tokens.


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