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TOR-X Airdrop (ecosystem for decentralized cross-chain exchange)-$58

TOR-X Network is a new blockchain that is designed to facilitate decentralized exchange and provide cross-chain interactions and exchange.

TOR-X intends on creating web-based dapps that will work on different public blockchains. These dapps will allow users to transfer and validate funds to and from different chains. The TOR-X API and engine will easily be integrated into other wallets, browser extensions, and payment gateways.

TOR-X Blockchain

The TOR-X ecosystem will utilize best practices and approaches of blockchain industry that were achieved to date. By building the TOR-X Network, they are solving the following problems:

  • Create a tool for seamless cross-chain exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Eos and other blockchains
  • Reach 100,000 TPS network speed to satisfy growing market requirements
  • Anonymous and traceable transactions for various business applications
  • Node and super node title redistribution controlled by Multi-Criteria Decision Making Neural Network

TOR-X is solving the following problems

  1. Over 100 000 TPS rate that will satisfy community demand.
  2. Support public and private block-chain segments where reasonable.
  3. Smart contract and DApp, iDApp development accessible for the global developers community.
  4. TOR-X node and super node title redistribution will be controlled by Multi- Criteria Decision Making Neural Network itself, without invasion from outside so it will be candid and final.
  5. Node rating evaluation task performed by MCDM Neural Network.

TOR-X Network will meet the requirements of most blockchain ecosystem participants:

Developers: Developers will enjoy clear and self-describing object-oriented programming language and iDAPP developer bounty program.

Organizations and Customers: Organizations will be able to use single payment gateway to accept payments in any cryptocurrency exchangeable via TOR-X DEX, issue their tokens for the purposes of crowdfunding, loyalty programs and in-app mechanics.

Traders: Traders will be provided with a secure low latency decentralized exchange engine with access to global liquidit

Get $58 woth of TOR-X by following these guides:

  1. Register at Tor-X website to participate in the airdrop and bounty. The above reward is for airdrop only.
  2. Ensure you verify your email, if not, you will not be able to login
  3. Before you can proceed on anything you need to pass KYC via telegram bot.
  4. If you are having an issue with the telegram bot as per KYC, read this medium article, all pictures must be sent as a file including proof of residency. This is easily achievable using mobile phone Telegram App as against desktop/laptop. You will be contacted via Telegram when your KYC is approved.
  5. Click on airdrop menu to receive 40 TOR-X each for following Telegram Group, Telegram Channel, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube and comment on their BitcoinTalk thread, Which amounted to 400 TOR-X
  6. Click on bounty menu to participate (there is translation to many languages, telegram sticker, banner, blogger, youtube and bug bounties)

Get updates about the project by visiting


Telegram Group

Announcement Channel

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