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Kratos 1,000 TOS  ($118) for physical commodities businesses

Kratos 1,000 TOS ($118) for physical commodities businesses

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About Arkratos Blockchain Solutions: Based out of Singapore, Arkratos Blockchain Solutions is backed by a global investment company which has over 100 years of collective expertise in international physical commodity trading with $2 billion consolidated revenue, $230 million paid up capital and operation in over 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. KRATOS™, their flagship product is a blockchain-based platform that is accessible 24/7 for the commodities trading industry. Steps to participate. be informed that Individual or company KYC is required KRATOS Airdrop is worth 1000 TOS tokens (~$ 118), only for physical commodities businesses. Click here to participate Enter your email and verify the same Login code / activation link will be sent to you Activate your ema


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A decentralized commodities trading platform significantly transforms and enhances international physical commodity trading across its whole product lifecycle. Commodity trading challenges include insufficient trust, manual documentation, and unnecessary intermediaries. These problems often result in significant time-delays and high cost. KRATOS is an Ethereum-based platform that employs Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts to address these challenges. As a result, KRATOS platform delivers better transparency, higher efficiency, and less complexity than any other existing system. The use of this platform would result in more timely deliveries and lower cost. The Problem: Insufficient trust The physical commodity trading process lacks transparency in terms of origin, quality an...